Natural Body Detox: Have Fun with Exercise


The second important element of a Logical Soul complete Natural Detox Program is to engage in some fun exercise.

This is the point where my eyes usually glazed over – every Tom, Dick, Harry, doctor, nutritionist and high school dietitian will tell me the same thing, i.e., diet and exercise, exercise, and diet . . . and exercise.  Enough with the exercise sermon already! You’d think  it would make you healthy or something.

Well, the truth is, it does.  And it doesn’t.

On the one hand, exercise tones the muscles, moves the bowels and lymphatic system to flush out toxins, expands the lung capacity and works the heart to increase blood flow.  On the other hand, however, exercise can lead to a condition of hyper-acidity, put too much stress on the heart, and cause various injuries to joints, tissues and organs.

The bottom line is this: If you are over 40 and exercising to try to get healthy, you’re wasting your time.  Much better to get healthy FIRST, then enjoy the fruits of this good health by exercising.  That means stick to an alkaline diet, detox the body of heavy metals and parasites, and balance the endocrine systems.  THEN you will be healthy enough for exercise.

An equally important element required for good exercise results is FUN.  If you enjoy going to the gym and pushing iron, like my friend Don Sherrill, then that is fun to you and you should keep it up.  Personally I hate the gym;  I’d rather visit the dentist!  Consequently, my workouts have little value for me.

My fun and joy is riding a unicycle.  I try to do this every day, and often go “out with the boys” whenever I get the chance (see video below).  Do this yourself . . . #1, get healthy.  #2 Find some exercise or sport you love to do, then #3, go DO IT!


  1. Nice post, Michael! It was good to see Robert and Al again. I had not seen Al’s handlebar setup, though it’s very similar to the one used by Lars Clausen when he rode from the West Coast to the East Coast and back, and set a Guinness record several years back. I rode with him 15 miles through Georgia. So, how’d you like your first ride on a big 36?

    • Although I’d been on a 36-inch before, this was the first ride of any distance. It was certainly faster, but harder than my 29-inch on those hills! Need longer cranks, I suppose…

  2. Alan (der Uhrmacher) Lieffring says:

    That was a good ride at Stone Mountain, we should continue to do these rides over the winter.

  3. Amy Drummond says:

    This is great to see! Please post this video to the new interactive Uni site: