Natural Body Detox: Mind Detox


The FOURTH and final step to a Logical Soul(tm) Natural Detox Program concerns our mind and its physical counterpart, the brain.

Before delving into this aspect, however,  I want to review the basic premise of the Detox process itself, namely that it is entirely natural. Detox – like life itself – is not man-made.  It is not formulated, invented, created, or manufactured.

Choice: Pills or Detox?

Choice: Pills or Detox?

Unlike a drug which produces certain symptoms and side effects, a true Detox program or method  – given sufficient time and suitable conditions – does not seek to control or manufacture an outcome.   It will remove the cause of the actual disease or infirmity itself!  There is no formula that can make this happen, but there ARE some rules that allow actual healing to take place.

When I was in Chiropractic College in the early 1980’s, the prevalent working model – then and now – for the cure and treatment of disease and subluxation (i.e., spinal misalignment with nerve interference) was to “remove the cause of the disease or subluxation so that nature could bring about the cure.”  We were taught that only NATURE cures, and that man can only assist in that process by removing barriers to it:

“Nature needs no help, just no interference.” – B.J. Palmer

Remove Nerve Interference

Removing Nerve Interference

If the body is toxic, you can only take steps to

a) remove oneself from the toxin(s), and

b) Provide the body with enough rest and opportunity to throw off the toxins that remain.

Nature has the force and intelligence to cleanse the body automatically – just as it can heal a wound, digest your food, or combine sperm and egg cells to create a new baby!

“Mental detox” can be compared to a body detox in that it, too, involves the restriction of harmful input while utilizing natural methods to allow nature to take over and release the existing toxic substances – in this case toxic thoughts, beliefs, ideas and hidden decisions.

There are many techniques and methods that propose to “program the mind,”  “clear the mind,” “settle the mind” and “transform beliefs” but few of them – other than meditation – actually deliver on this promise.  Sure, there are ways you can hypnotize or program yourself and others to produce a desired result . . .  or come to understand why you hate your father.  But is that really “detox”? Or is it rather a form of manipulation to produce some artificial result??

Like meditation, the Logical Soul(tm) attempts to both remove the exposure to the toxic thoughts, ideas and hidden decisions by providing both a conscious and subconscious framework to accept these ideas.  Once the subconscious decision is in alignment with the conscious desire, a “mental detox” happens – automatically!

Automatic alignment happens because there no longer exists a “toxic” thought that opposes the needs and desire of the individual. Or, if the conscious thought itself is toxic, we become aware of that fact and change it instead!

As a side note – “detox of the brain” comes under the category of body detoxification, since the brain is physical.  I noticed that when I started eliminating most sugar and meat from my diet, killed off parasites, and received hormonal supplementation, my brain became increasingly crisp, less foggy, and more alert.

In conclusion, natural detoxification of the mind need not be complex. Nature – in her infinite wisdom – has given us the tools to go within and discover what makes us the happiest.  So long as we have conflicting thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and phobias, however, this state will elude us.

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