Natural Body Detox: The Third Step


The THIRD step of a complete Logical Soul Natural Detox Program is the body itself – the area of focus we normally think of when someone mentions “detox.”

Body detox is not a simple discussion.  In fact, I could spend days and weeks talking about the different layers and what it all means.  For the purpose of this article, however, I will tell you some of the things I do, and hopefully guide you to programs and ideas that can help you sort through this vast subject.

“Detox” simply means releasing toxins.  When talking about the body, this means to

a) reduce the intake of toxic foods and substances, and

b) follow a health regimen designed to release the existing toxins stored in the body.


Toxic Accumulation takes years.

Toxic Accumulation takes years.

Common sense tells you that if you ingest certain poisons, you will suffer the effects of that poison.  Poison comes in all sizes, shapes, and brands.  Obviously, ingesting laundry bleach would be very harmful.  So also have previously-accepted things like cigarettes and leaded paint and gasoline become outcasts these days.   No so obvious, however, are substances like sugar or alcohol.  They also cause harm, but not as overtly or quickly.

The problem is that some poisons – like sugar for example – take time to show up as symptoms.  Because we live in an” instant society” this means:  no pain, no problem.  Although we may have lethargy, joint pain, acidic blood, yeast infections and any number of aches, pains and problems resulting from what some call “white death,” these symptoms are not seen as a cause-and-effect problem . . . unless you have approached the end of the line and suffer from Diabetes!

The other problem is that toxins are everywhere. Most packaged foods contain at least some chemicals that can cause adverse side effects and, over time and repetition, degenerative diseases.  Not only that, but some foods – like dairy – may be toxic to some people (i.e., adults), but not to others (i.e., babies).  Some foods are allergens to some people and not to others, ad nauseum.

Most meats, with the exception of fish, contain parasites, hormones, and toxins picked up by the animal and stored in the flesh tissue.  Eggs are also teeming with parasites, and even most fish is known to contain mercury, but are the lesser of evils.


So what is there left to eat?!! Best – raw veggies and moderate amounts of fruit.  Brown rice and other whole grains like millet.  “Green juice” – either raw juiced veggies or powdered supplements like Perfect Food.

Eliminate parasites. Believe it or not, for every pound of “you” there is, there is at least TWO POUNDS of “other” organisms such as parasites, amoeba, fungii, bacteria and viruses that inhabit your body!  Granted, many of these organisms are symbiotic – meaning they work well with you and your body and help you process, digest, and eliminate food and toxins.  The other buggers, however, are NOT so nice, and are simply there as a result of  outside sources like pets, or from biting nails or putting hand-to-mouth after touching other objects containing the pests.

Certain parasites are also present in the body with ANY chronic disease, from cancer to arthritis, and are often associated with the organs affected.  In my opinion, Dr. Hulda Clark offers the best explanation and parasite cleanse available.

Fast on occasion, but follow a proven Body Detox Program whenever

Good health is possible at any age.

Good health is possible at any age.

possible.  Cleansing herbs and raw juices should be taken, along with a regimen of breathing, light exercise, colon cleansing, bathing, and skin brushing.  It also helps if you stay away from newspapers and TV during a cleanse and read only inspiring books or magazines.

Natural body detox is not easy, but the benefits are definitely worth it!  Detox not only adds years (if not decades) to your life and gives you more energy and stamina; it will also take years off your appearance as well!


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