Natural Detox is No Longer Just for the Body


OK, so you fast.  Maybe you take cleansing herbs on occasion, or juice fast, or do colonic irrigation each month.  You watch your diet, exercise and do all the “right” stuff.

You should be healthy, right?  Not if your subconsious has anything to say about it!

I know lots of folks – and I was one of them – who did all the “right” stuff, only to get sicker and sicker over time. I ate fruit, then got systemic candida (fungus) infections.  I exercised and increased my protein.  Then I developed a hyper-acid condition and migraines.

Then I discovered a few simple rules that brought back my health:

  1. Alkalize
  2. Exercise
  3. Detox the Body, and
  4. Detox the Mind.

I will cover each of these over the next few days, but I gotta tell you . . . unless you are ready to REALLY change, these may seem simple and you’ll ignore them.

Don’t.  Your life may depend on it!


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