Online Selling Tips: The PayPal Advantage


Let’s say you are living your passion! Let’s assume you know your subject and can write convincing copy to sell your passion.  Let’s pretend you even know how to set up a website to actually promote your product or service!

Why, then, do you insist on having your customers telephone, walk, drive, mail or otherwise jump through hoops to actually BUY your product or service?? Why do you even bother setting up a “Brochure website??”  They do nothing but drive people to your competition – you know, those guys who actually sell something online!

paypal servicesGet PayPal. Go to and get it free.  Its less expensive than maintaining a merchant account. How do I know?  Experience, my friend.

I maintained TWO (2) merchant accounts for over a year, but only one of them was active – my online cabin rental business I’ve had since 2002.  The other one was set up for the Logical Soul LLC account for the Branding from the Soul membership website, but because it took so long for me to get things rolling, I ended up spending $12.95 in account fees each month, plus the setup and gateway costs just to keep it going.

Meanwhile, I was playing with half a dozen shopping carts, and spending money for features I would never use. Expensive and time-consuming.  When I finally realized I was wasting time and money and remembered that PayPal had most of the features I needed without all that monthly overhead, I returned.

If you are just starting out online, keep it simple. PayPal has the most bang for your buck for just about anything you want to do online . . . AND you can get started for FREE!

Check out the following link to a blog post sent to me by one of my hosting services; it explains in more detail how you can get started:

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