Our True Human Mental Potential


LakeSunsetThere has been a long-time observation by philosophers, scientists and psychologists alike, that suggests we use only a small fraction of our brains, and therefore a fraction of our mental potential.  I hold the same theory, and will attempt to quantify these observations in a series of articles.

The reasons I feel this exercise is important are fourfold:

  1. We tend to underestimate our potential mental capacity and power,
  2. We tend to over-exaggerate the ability of the conscious mind to achieve what we desire,
  3. We tend to AVOID achieving our goals through self-sabotage and various means of internal and external distraction, and
  4. This avoidance and distraction creates mental pollution that clogs our synapses, dampens our spirits, and reduces our access to our own power.

If I can (over the next few blog posts) show reasonably and conclusively that our fate relies on the vast, untapped reservoir of mental and emotional potential, and that there may be a method to tap into this potential, I believe that the fate of humans on this planet can be powerfully altered.

I will also attempt to show the connection between our potential extinction, and the our capacity to prevent it without massive government involvement.

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