Powerful Relationships – Part 2


Tonight I had a “moment” with my wife and got angry. It was one of those discussions about money and finances that we are loathe to have because it is usually so uncomfortable.  Usually its because both of us spend too much – me on business things and her on home items and gifts.

This time the problem surfaced because – of all things – good news!

We just received another offer from some people to buy our former home.  Great!  But with this news comes the moment of decision – how and where to actually put this windfall?   Predictably,  Brigitte started in on me about what I said before (but don’t remember) about where we should put the funds, while I fretted and fumed, and alternated between victim and tyrant.

I suddenly knew we had another “teaching moment” to get clear on what it was we actually wanted.  so we cleared our energy using muscle testing, then were able to talk with one another like adults.   Together we decided that we would need to bring in a third party to tell us what to do.  Obviously, we didn’t know how to get out of debt – and STAY out of debt – or we would have already done it!

DaveRamseyFPI mentioned wanting to attend classes based on the book Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey.  Brigitte wanted us to go to Debtors Anonymous meetings.  Maybe we’ll do both; we are committed to getting this 600-pound gorilla off our shoulders and becoming of one mind about money and finances.

New Years’ resolution? You might say so.  These resolutions become truly powerful when you can learn to let go of the emotional “stuff,” connect with the other person, and resolve to work together.  The Logical Soul ™ makes this much easier.

We plan on attacking this problem head-on . . . and may your 2010 be equally as potent!  Now if we can only get the Federal Government to do this . . . !!

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