Psychic First Aid for Hidden Decisions

Inner Demons?

Your Three Selves?

What do you do when a strong feeling or anxiety  strikes . . . and you don’t know your “hidden decisions”? You know that something’s going on with your body, your mind, or your feelings, but don’t know how to “fix” it??  Fear not.  Help is here.

For over 18 years, Brigitte and I have been doing Logical Soul® sessions with each other to clear our hidden decisions and influences that guide our lives.  While it is ideal to get access to – and resolve – these decisions during regular sessions, life is not always so accommodating.  It often comes at you with the speed of a runaway train.  In times like these, you need some “psychic first aid” . . . and quickly!

For example, my wife often comes home from work with some “baggage” she picked up from her office co-workers, friends or family.  This problem usually manifests itself as a sudden fear, anxiety, resentment or aloofness.  Within a few minutes, however, we are usually able to muscle test, isolate and release the “stuff,” and return her to normalcy. Our rule of thumb is this:  If we are not happy, it must be stuff.

Another example:  I awoke this morning around 4:30 AM . . . only to discover it was actually 3:30 AM due to the time change. I felt a bit strange, but not enough to awaken Brigitte.  So I decided to get up and check it out myself with some quick self-testing.

Heartburn?   Heart attack?  Nope.  Nope.  I exercise regularly, have a great nutritional regimen, and don’t drink or smoke.  Check .  OK, OK I admit it . . . I do eat much too late sometimes – including sweets – while grabbing the latest Fox news item or smarmy chick flick my wife just got from Netflicks. But not last night.  So what gives?

Memes? Check.

Low Self. Nope.

Earth-bound? Nada.

Ancestral? Negative.

Body. Check

Hmmm.  Two out of five.  Too much TV too late.  Unresolved stuff churning around inside.  I cleared myself and quickly felt much better.  So I lay back down, and closed my eyes to try a little more of that sleep thing.  No go.  Although I was clear and felt OK, I still couldn’t sleep.  I eventually got up and started writing this blog post.  I guess you needed to have this information . . . and I’ve been holding out on you too long.

I must finally admit a deep, dark truth:  there are forces within and without you that influence your thinking, feeling, and decisions. 

“Duh, Michael I know that! . . .” you say.  Yes, I admit this is all rather elementary.  But did you know how MUCH these forces affect you? Which parts of your being?  Did you know you can also release these influences at any time?  In or around the mid-90’s I discovered (with the help of my wife and some friends) that there are separate and distinct centers of intelligence that can be affected . . . and therefore affect our happiness and ability to succeed in life:

The  conscious mind is affected by MEMES, or “mind viruses” that we pick up from TV, radio, gossip, and even simple communication.  The effects usually manifest as a slight change in personality.  The Lono, “Middle Self” or conscious mind is involved, so memes are relatively easy to release  (unless they are tied in deeper, as to a survival decision).  Just be aware and let go of the decision to hold them.

The so-called subconscious mind is largely affected by the unseen forces of both individual and collective feelings, impressions and memories that impress themselves on our Ku or “Low Self.” These influences are usually hidden and require more of a self-awareness of your usual “normal” state of feeling and being.  Once known, however, these, too, can be released.

The subconscious influence is vast and multi-pronged.  So-called “attacks” can come in various forms, e.g., as follows:

Other people’s Low Selves – We often pick up “negative vibes,” i.e., strong, unresolved feelings that others may feel but do not express.  Their low self, however, feels less restricted and often “jumps ship,” as it were, into our own aura or subtle awareness.

Earth-bound – These are personality or low self impressions from the deceased that remain unresolved and hang around.

Ancestral – This influence can be from our own ancestors (most likely) or from other people’s ancestors as well.  Ancestral spirits are akin to earth-bound, but runs a bit deeper since we ARE the product of our ancestors!

The “Body Spirit” is usually a physical sensation in the head or the gut, but can present itself in any part of the body. This is often (I suspect) the result of your Ku kicking around unresolved “complexes” inside, and causing discomfort.   It could be the result of poor diet, too little water intake, and/or hyper-acidity brought about by worry, fear or resentment.  By releasing the concern, you are essentially telling your Low Self to “cool it” for awhile.

Less commonly, body upsets might be triggered by things like electro-magnetic or geo-magnetic disturbances, extra-low frequency (ELF) emissions, sun-spots, x-rays or cosmic radiation, and/or other outside disturbances.  If the problem persists, these factors – or poor health – may be the cause.

The only other disturbances can come from this thing we call “Karma.”  Karma is neutral – it means “action” – and is often visited upon us in ways we cannot fathom.  In such situations, prayer, as taught by the Huna, is the best way to resolve this.  The Aumakua or “High Self” is the one who “rains down benefits,” either good or bad.  These “benefits were at one time ordered by the Middle Self and then delivered by the Low Self.  The High Self is simply delivering!

Sometimes you’ve worked long and hard to rid yourself of individual fears and complexes.  You’ve done sessions, cleared your “stuff,” and still life hits you.  What to do?  In cases like this there are no decisions – hidden or otherwise – that you can change.  The only decision you can make is simply to request that it be released, then trusting in GRACE (or however you picture GOD) to do the rest . . .

This last step sounds simple, and it is.  The fact remains, however, that until you are aware of the distinctions that form the uniqueness of each “self,” you will have difficulty letting go of the sickness, violence, overwhelm or confusion that grips you if you don’t know the source.

By the way, I don’t know HOW this “psychic first aid” works . . . I just know that it does!  Learn how to use muscle testing until you feel comfortable telling the difference without it.  

Socrates said “Know thyself.” Make the above distinctions as a way to firmly grasp this knowledge.  

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