Remember This Name: Choi Sung-Bong


Choi Sung Bong is a Korean orphan who recently stunned the world on Korean TV.  Watch his amazing story unfold, and see how a person who truly owns the Seed of Success can not only survive hardship, but emerge triumphant and affect the lives of others.

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  1. Please leave you comment. Personally I’ve watched this video several times, and shed a tear each time.

  2. Michael,

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring and motivational video.
    I, too, have seen it many times and every time it touches my heart. It brings sadness to my heart to know that no matter where children are in the world,adults fail to value their lives. Even abused children find the inner strength and resiliency to bounce back. What a magnificent voice Sung brings as his gift to the world. Just imagine where he would be in life now if he was loved and nurtured instead of abused.

    Peacefully yours,
    Dr. Debra

    • Interesting perspective Debra. I see the magnificence of the human spirit in some people – what I call the “Seed of Success” – that can blossom regardless of the external circumstances.

      Sung Bong started life far more successfully than those whose “Seed of Failure” will continue to weigh them down, regardless of the advantages they inherit. Sung Bong’s legacy – to me anyway – is “If I can keep going forward, you have NO excuses!”

      Who knows what could have happened had he been given a better start. But life is what it is, and the Seed of Success always shines through.

      All I know is that I’ve run out of excuses! I dedicate my future endeavors to Sung Bong, and those like him.