Savannah: Coming Home to New Friends


Savannah Harbor

Savannah Harbor

Soul Food Dinner Dr. Brenda Wade selected my hometown of Savannah, Georgia for her International Love and Money Summit, and I was honored to be invited to speak (my talk as part of a panel of experts is tomorrow).

I must say this whole experience so far has tought me the value of continuous human interaction, the echange of ideas and resources, and the how love and money will from now on be joined at the hip as a symptom of this “social media age.”

More later, but I wanted to put up a few pics to share the joy and fellowship we have at this dynamic event. Brenda says this is the first of an annual event – I look forward to even greater things next year!


  1. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for sharing the photo of me, Joyce Bone, Darren Jacklin and Dr. Brenda Wade. It was a delight to meet you and learn more about your work. I appreciated your wise words about my Mom’s shift that is taking place for her to work with her current challenges. I look forward to staying in touch. Let me know if you make it out to the SF Bay Area.

    Much gratitude,

    Joy Nordenstrom
    Joy of Romance, Inc.

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