Self-Discovery and Technology, Part 2

Ilania Hofler

Ilania Hofler

I just had a 2-hour session this morning with Ilania Hofler (picture, left) in nearby Smyrna, Georgia. She has a method she uses called “Genetic Voice Printing” that uses a computer and biofeedback tools, and has been facilitating this work for the past 6 years as a powerful tool for self-discovery.

This work, she claimed, was designed to eliminate destructive patterns and behaviors . . . and seemed to work with me!

I discovered some things I already knew through doing the Logical Soul(tm) work, but this method was apparently able to neutralize some erratic brain waves and settle me down.  Afterward and throughout the day I felt rather subdued, but alive and clear.  My wife told me I never sounded clearer!

I also did some work with Ilania that accessed some of her deeper hidden decisions that the machine could not address since it requires a more conscious-subconscious connection.

Her therapy is based on the principle that destructive patterns & negative behaviors can be altered using sound and light therapy.  Brain waves and  deep physiological nerve patterns are changed, altering the person’s outward perception and results.

We both agreed to see how our methods could help one another.  We then scheduled to work on one of her new patients on Monday.  From what Ilania told me, I gather that this fellow was informed by a professor in the Harvard Psychology Department that he has unalterable genetic patterns and little can be done for him.

We’ll find out Monday and report.  Stay tuned!

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