Self Discovery Vs. Diagnosis


VetruvianManWhat’s the difference between actual self discovery process, and the diagnosis and treatment of mental disease?  I just witnessed this contrast firsthand . . .

Today I had a Logical Soul(tm) session with a person named Mark who has been a lifelong sufferer of anxiety and depression.  Mark has been treated, in his own words, “by the best psychologists in the world”  and was skeptical that anything could be done to help him . . . at least for the first part of the session.

During the second part of the hour, Mark experienced a shift that left him exhasted, but changed.  He reported amazing things that I will let him tell in a future blog.   The good news is that Mark’s session was put on video, and will be available to view by members in the foreseable future.  Stay tuned. 

Also, Ilania Hofler took a voice print, both before and after his session, and showed that the changes made – as illustrated on the computer readout – were quite remarkable. 

I make no claims that the Logical Soul(tm) takes the place of traditional psychotherapy.  It does, however, present a totally new paradigm previously unknown in the field of mental health.  Mark reported that his traditional therapists did not delve into ancestry or his relationships with ancestors.  They only wanted to diagnose, then treat him with medication. 

Diagnosis certainly has its place.  But imagine what could happen when psychologists begin to embrace the tools offered by this simple technique . . . a way to unlock the transformation process, not merely “fix” someone so their illness can be managed. 

I look forward to working with doctors and therapists who express a genuine desire to see their work take on new meaning . . . for themselves as well as for their patients!

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