Self Help: Raymond Aaron and the Monthly Mentor Program


Raymond Aaron

Raymond Aaron

What is “Self Help” anyway?

Is it a way to get slimmer?  Stronger? Smarter? Or Richer?  Or is self help actually that persistent yearning we have for our Soul?

When I first learned that Raymond Aaron walked to the North Pole, I was mightily impressed.  When I listened further and heard the story of how he trudged over 350 miles across polar bear-infested snowdrifts pulling a heavy sled with supplies . . . and won the race as a 62-year-old(!) I about fell out of my chair!

“Now” I mused, “that may not be much self help for the body, what it does for the SOUL is immeasurable!”

I knew then and there I had much to learn from him.  Needless to say, I immediately signed up for his Monthly Mentor Program, STOPPED procrastinating, and started accomplishing some amazing things.  I set up my blog, finished my book, started a radio program,and started riding a UNICYCLE after quitting over 40 years ago!!

. . . and I still have much yet to accomplish!  Thanks to Raymond Aaron.

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