Self-Sabotage is Dying…and Good Riddance!

Michael with book and Jackie T.

Michael with book and Jackie T.

No more self-sabotage!!  The caus-de-celeb of my life – to eliminate this universal plague – has suddenly started to bear fruit! Yesterday I went to Apex Book Manufacturers to OK the final proof of my book.  It looks great!

I  then attended my umpteenth meeting of the Internet Marketers of Georgia (IMOG) last night, organized by Joey Smith (below with MC).  It was, as usual, a fantastic gathering of some of the most creative minds in the south.  I again met with Jackie Tulos (left) and her associates who are setting up my blog and running my social media program.

MC & Joey Smith

MC & Joey Smith

I even met and hired a consultant -  Tony Brown – to kick-start my membership sites so I could focus on teaching and writing.  And my Tuesday night blog radio program Logical Soul Talk is becoming the place to be for some of the biggest names in the business.  My health is great.  My finances are about to turn around.  My wife and I are deeply in love, and I have a cat and unicycle that tickle my fancy every day. What a world!

What occurred to me late last night was that suddenly my life is running on all cylinders for the first time since probably my mid-20’s (I’m 57)!  No joke – I’ve often preached about eliminating self-sabotage, and helped others do this, but for some reason success eluded me like the plague. My Seed of Failure was firmly entrenched and refused to go peacefully.

That changed last month when I had FINALLY had enough of struggles to take  a large dose of my own medicine.  I enlisted the help of my Logical Soul ™ teacher-training group, i.e., Brigitte, Beate, and Birgit (the Killer B’s), to work with me and get into some of my hidden decisions that were STOPPING me every day.

It worked like a charm.  And yet for some reason I’ve been amazed that something I discovered could actually change MY life as well as it could the lives of others.  My default setting was “Its great for others but not for me.”  I guess I had to train my own clones before I could allow that to happen…

The Logical Soul(tm) rocks!  Tomorrow (October 2nd) I will launch the latest version of my e-book for only a buck. Be sure to take advantage of this limited-time offer since I’ll probably pull this offer after about 3 weeks in preparation for the physical book launch!!

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