Sensory Processing Disorder and The Logical Soul


AJC Article TodayThis morning in Section D of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution I read with interest of a “new” disorder called Sensory Processing Disorder, or SPD. In running through some of the symptoms, I became aware that I, too, had probably suffered through this disorder as a child since as many as 1 in every 6 children have it, according to “one study” not cited by the article.

The article went on to say that efforts are being made to make SPD “official” so insurance can reimburse treatment that can run from $100 to $350 an hour.  There is even a “Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation” in Greenwood Village, Colorado if you want another charity to support.

I, of course, have mixed feelings about this.  The awareness of such a disorder is a great step forward.  On the other hand, people are not symptoms.  Even if I did have SPD at one time (and suffered), I overcame it.  I don’t believe there is ANY setback so great that it cannot be overcome in some way.  This is the heart and soul of The Logical Soul(tm) technique and philosophy.

DECISIONS – whether childhood or ancestral – form the basis of all “complexes,” according to Huna. Therefore, changing the decision can therefore unravel the complex.  Symptoms are often very similar from one complex to the next.  Many of these symptoms share a similar origin – the “subconscious being” has decided to shut down, at least in part, in order to survive.

This reminds me of the days when I used to be interested in Astrology. I noticed that while gifted Astrologers can indeed reveal remarkable things, daily Horoscopes are relatively useless.   I could see myself in every single description printed!  I eventually overcame my fascination with the art when I began seeing people as an ongoing list of astrological “symptoms” instead of human beings.

Like that, symptoms of SPD, when not understood by a long-term observers, can look remarkably like OCD, ADHD and a host of other alphabet soup diseases.  Until we can begin to understand the REAL cause of such disorders – soul orientation and intent – we will continue to add to the litany of suffering.


Can you help this man??

BTW, I’m starting a foundation for URAD, or “Unicycle Riding Addiction Disorder.” It strikes 1 person in every 500,000 and can lead to serious addictive behavior such as showing off, numbness of the crotch, reverting to childhood fantasies, hyperventilation, and occasional cuts, bruises and other injuries.

Because, however, URAD does lead to helping others, it should be reimbursed by insurance (or by small donations of $5, $10, or more).

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