Soul Logic: Huna and the Three Selves


The practice of the Logical SoulTM owes a great debt to Huna. When I first began to experiment with the body as a separate entity or being, instead of merely  as the subconscious, I began to get answers I never got before.  Some mysterious force was yearning to reveal its secrets to one who would actually listen.

In my previous blog, I discussed the role of the three selves in either helping – or sabotaging – our so-called “individual self.”  The so-called “low self” (or “Ku”) is in charge of these hidden decisions, and whether or not to support action on conscious decisions that affect them.

Suddenly it all began to make sense:  the body and memory all lie within the realm of the Ku. I therefore addressed the Ku as a separate and unique being, and allowed it to respond to me as such.  Over time I was then informed that the Ku is more than willing to accommodate ANY command by the conscious mind, so long as that command does NOT run counter to a previous command already in place.

This is because the low self will pray to the high self (“Uhane” or “Aumakua”) for only those things it has been directed “ with the greatest intent and force of emotion “ to pray for.  The conscious mind/middle self (“Kane”) only has a say-so when it is clear and does not contradict itself, now or from past instructions.  And remember, the Ku never forgets a command!

I liken this whole process to riding a whale. A whale (High Self) has its own consciousness; its own power, and obeys command instructions given by the riders – the middle and low selves.  Both you and your Ku are riding this whale, but only the Ku (low self) has the power to direct this whale, based on your conscious instructions.

whaleAnd the whale doesn’t care.  It will go anywhere it is directed.

If (and when) you gave the Ku (and subsequently the whale) specific and powerful directions very early in the journey, i.e., as a small child, this then became the whale’s prime directive. All subsequent directions would also be followed “ so long as the prime directive was not opposed.

In other words, we are like little beings riding on top of this whale. We tap it over here and tell it to go over here, then tap there to go in a different direction.  So long as there’s no conflict, that whale will gladly go in that direction.

If there is a conflict, i.e., if there is a strong prime directive to go in another direction, the Ku will direct this whale in that direction instead, regardless of our conscious wishes, hopes and fears.

That’s how and why goal-to-action conflicts arise. We are œriding this whale – in essence, a very large and powerful being that is determined to take us where we originally told it to go.  While only the middle self or conscious mind can make decisions, the Ku controls the direction AND is not listening! Based on its memory of the original prime directive, the Ku stays the course.

If we want or need to change that directive, we must have the right Access and Tools. We must develop the ability to communicate to the Ku and get access to earlier decisions or directives.  Only then will we be able to re-direct the whale.

The Logical SoulTM process is about getting access to that decision that both the Ku and Aumakua see as their prime directive.  Their outcome is set.  How do you know what this is?  Simple; it’s where you are right now!

In essence, where you ARE is based on the decisions that you’ve made; ancient decisions; hidden decisions that you have made that have led you to this point.  To be able to change those decisions, something very deep has to take place “ communication with that being the Kahunas call the Ku or Low Self.  Only he has access to that œwhale, our source of power.

We have to be able to say œLook, you know, we’re, like, heading over the precipice. Can we, like, change directions a little??  The whale will not do this just on a whim.  It will not do what you say just because you say so.  It will, however, listen to the Ku when this being becomes convinced there’s something at stake – something that relates to his original prime directive.

And that something is your œinner child or memory of the one whose decision set this whale on its original path, i.e.

The one who made the original decision

is the only one who can change the decision.

So if this inner being is listening to your child when she was three years old, then it will also listen to this same child change the decision . . . if he is approached properly.

That’s the secret of Logical SoulTM. The key element is that we always go to the one who made the decision, get access to that event, to that person; allow them to change the decision, and then the prime directive transforms itself into a new decision.


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