Special Memories of Jim Straw


jim strawYesterday  I awoke to the very sad news that my dear friend and mentor, J.F. (Jim) Straw had died December 3rd 2012 at his home in Dalton, Georgia.  His death was totally unexpected, and he appeared to be “as usual” in his last email to me on December 1st.  Click here to see his obituary.

My wife Brigitte and I had only recently signed up for his Millionaire course and planned to spend more time getting to know our neighbor to the north of Atlanta.   He lived alone after the death of his wife, and invited me and friends C.F. Jackson and David Wright to his home back in February to interview him for a special Logical Soul Talk presentation that aired a couple of months later on April 24th.

Jim Straw was an interesting, dynamic and creative person.  As a very successful entrepreneur for over 50 years, he had made millions in businesses ranging from banking to Internet marketing, and recently published a book entitled Mustard Seeds, Shovels and Mountains.

Although his obituary states his age as 67 years, I suspect he was older.  His experience was simply too vast to be taken in by someone that young . . . and also because he refused to reveal his age to me or anyone else.  Jim always held his cards close to the vest.

So here’s to you Jim . . .  we’ll be missing you for a long time!!

Please leave a comment below, especially if you knew him.

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  1. I have known Jim for over 30 years , way back in 1980 when I first became interested in home business I read many of jim’s articles and ads in popular business opportunities magazines.

    I have purchased many of jim’s popular books on home business idea’s I received an email daily from jim six days a week for years. I will truly miss him . He was a real man one who you could trust that is a rare quality in the world we live in .

    May your soul rest in peace God Bless.
    William Lucas

  2. Thanks for those warm sentiments William. Many of us share them.