Success is Only a Hidden Decision Away

North Pole Sunset

North Pole Sunset

Because I’ve been doing the Logical Soul(tm)  work for about 18 years,  I sometimes forget how important the results can be for someone who has never experienced accessing and changing a hidden decision before.  This was driven home to me recently after receiving the following email testimonial from a recent client – a success coach who was having trouble with her OWN success.  The  content has not been edited: 

Did I tell you… the first day I met you and went through the exercises about deserving the success and wealth I teach my own entrepreneurial clients, that when I got home I hade a voice mail which contained 4 new customers.
Since I saw you in your office… I had another new client who paid me in advance for entrepreneur coaching (we have not even scheduled it or done a contract or invoicing). She said she just had to sow a seed into my business immediately, that night. That same person & one other person, signed on with my other business venture. Again, they were not even ready to do the work, but were compelled to sign up & pay. WOW!
ALSO since then a media company out of Florida has asked me to be their chair person of their leadership committee in Atlanta. Double WOW…
I look forward to continuing my work with Logical Soul & my mother is enjoying your book. Oh yeah,  aaaand…a old client who owed me money for a session from last year, emailed me & asked me to re-invoice her and a few days later she paid. Triple WOW…
So what ever you accessed in me has opened a door of blessings. I look forward to more financial success and breakthrough. I’m working now, almost insatiably with the Law of Attraction, because I feel after your
session, that success in going to come to me amazingly fast. And I want to be ready for it, by directing my thoughts about what I want, so as I’m moving fast & manifesting fast, I can attract & be ready for the right things…that meet my needs & wants.

You are a Godsend.
Success in all,

Sha’ Ron Grace
Coach, Motivational Speaker;
President of Becoming, Inc.



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  2. Kory Jungck says:

    I had to read your post twice to get the full impact of it. I enjoy reading what you have to say. It’s too bad that more people do not comprehend the benefits of coaching. Keep up the good work.

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