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I just started a series of Logical Soul ™ sessions yesterday with Don, a 64-year old engineer who does power weight lifting as a hobby.   Don is not what you would call “buff” and he usually surpirsed the 20-30 year old muscle-bound dudes that hang around the weight gym.  He told me his goal was to be able to bench press over 300 pounds. 

Don learned about the Logical Soul ™ through one of my talks and decided to see if it would increase his bench press capacity.  He says he is stuck at around 280 pounds and has rarely benched more than that.  Our session yesterday went smoothly, and he “tested congruent” for more than 350 pounds afterwards, but still had some conscious doubts that this could really work.  Don said he was going to the gym the next day (today) and would call me with the results. 

He just called and reported that he did NOT break any new records, but was still able to bench press four pounds more than usual.  He said he was not disappointed and that he even experienced something totally unexpected . . . much less anxiety last night, and a greater ability to be intimate with his family.  He sounded excited about those results.

Don wants to continue the sessions weekly, and feels his goal of benching over 300 is entirely possible.  

While I’d like to be able to report that the Logical Soul ™ can turn any person into a Goliath or Power achiever overnight, I’m finding it usually doesn’t work that way.  Conscious goals are fine, but they are a very small part of the hidden purpose that drives us – the so-called “prime directive” – that is set in place at a very early age, usually before age 7.  This prime directive is our inner “thermostat” that determines which thoughts we have, how many, and what results we will achieve. 

Once our prime directive is accessed and changed, other priorities are allowed to fall into place.  We can then achieve goals when there is no longer the inner decision to keep us stuck at a particular level of need (see Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs).  Perhaps Don will be able to bench press much higher weights, for example, once he has accessed and changed hidden decisions pertaining to survival, his family, his ancestors, and his other hidden priorities. 

I can see that in about 4-8 months of doing some more digging and changing, his goal is not only possbile but easily achieveable. 

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