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Don S.I started working with my 62-year-old friend Don a couple of weeks ago to see if the Logical Soul(tm) process could help him increase his ability to bench press competitively. 

It has. 

Don just reported to me that he is now up to 295 pounds, just 5 pounds shy of his goal of 300 – and can see exceeding that by leaps and bounds!  He basically told me that although the lift was exciting, he felt more in control than he ever had before and his younger gym-mates commented on this new confindence. 

The interesting thing about Don’t progress is that I did nothing to change his routine or regimen.  He did all the usual things he does to get ready, prepped and set.  All I did was allow him (in a session the day before) to access and change a couple of hidden decisions that held him back.  These deeper decisions – based on perceived survival issues – kept him hovering right around 280 pounds or so for a long time.   Now apparently they no longer tie him to those issues – or at least have less of a grip.

Feedback from Don is vital to show me and others that actual PHYSICAL changes take place – not just the percieved mental, emotional, and spiritual transformations that have been reported.  Goal-to-action progress must be measureable – and is using the Logical Soul(tm) technique! 

You can follow Don’s goal-to-action transformation at


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