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Please join me every Tuesday at 6 pm Eastern Time (4 pm Mountain) for LOGICAL SOUL TALK at  This is a weekly show that gives me the opportunity to interview some of the most talented folks in their field and discover some of the major decisions – hidden or otherwise – that they have made on their way to accomplishing their goals. 

Dr. Deborah WingfieldMy guest tonight is Dr. Debra Wingfield, a doctor and family therapist specializing in the field of adult victims of child abuse.  She is the author of From Darkness to Light: Your Inner Journey, is an expert in her field and trains other therapists on how to access their own patient’s needs, provide a faster recovery for them, and build their therapy business at the same time.

In her spare time, Dr. Debra works as a counselor and trainer for Glenn Dietzel’s organization Awaken the Author Within and advises professional business people, writers and authors worldwide.  

 Join me as I welcome Dr. Deborah and pick her brain for tidbits you can use to get beyond your own Inner Child. 

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