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The 9 Hidden Laws of Attraction

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Hidden Laws of Attraction

You are familiar with the Law of Attraction, right?  You know, that thing about  what you think of and intend will manifest in your life.  This is the subject of The Secret and dozens of books on the same subject.

But how many of you know that there are NINE HIDDEN LAWS that determine whether or not you are actually attracting what you CONSCIOUSLY intend?  No?  Not surprising, since I’ve only uncovered them over the past several years.

Want to change your life for real? Want to overcome the “stinkin’ thinkin” and negative impulses that feed failure and produce problems?  Read on.

As you may have found out through trial and error, this “attraction thing” can be tricky.  One errant thought and POOF!  There goes your abundance, relationship or health.  One bad judgment and POOF!  There goes your self-confidence and trust in this so-called Law of Attraction.

That’s because the Law of Attraction is composed of 9 other HIDDEN Laws . . . ones that only become apparent when you are guided to them and shown how they work.

But again, ignorance of the law is no excuse.  Just as gravity has no mercy on those who walk off cliffs without knowing, so too do the 9 Laws of Attraction thrash those who ignore their warnings.

Over the next several weeks, I will give you an in-depth preview of an upcoming book called The 9 Hidden Laws That Can Change Your Life: How to Harness the Laws of Attraction Without Programming the Subconscious Mind Using Affirmations, Tapping, Rituals or Hypnosis.

These articles will be part of the book, will provide valuable tools and insights, and will surely change the way you currently think about personal success and motivation.  I want to give you the tools you need to succeed – really succeed – not just think you are succeeding!

Stay tuned.  And give me your feedback please!

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North Pole Sunset

North Pole Sunset

Because I’ve been doing the Logical Soul(tm)  work for about 18 years,  I sometimes forget how important the results can be for someone who has never experienced accessing and changing a hidden decision before.  This was driven home to me recently after receiving the following email testimonial from a recent client – a success coach who was having trouble with her OWN success.  The  content has not been edited: 

Did I tell you… the first day I met you and went through the exercises about deserving the success and wealth I teach my own entrepreneurial clients, that when I got home I hade a voice mail which contained 4 new customers.
Since I saw you in your office… I had another new client who paid me in advance for entrepreneur coaching (we have not even scheduled it or done a contract or invoicing). She said she just had to sow a seed into my business immediately, that night. That same person & one other person, signed on with my other business venture. Again, they were not even ready to do the work, but were compelled to sign up & pay. WOW!
ALSO since then a media company out of Florida has asked me to be their chair person of their leadership committee in Atlanta. Double WOW…
I look forward to continuing my work with Logical Soul & my mother is enjoying your book. Oh yeah,  aaaand…a old client who owed me money for a session from last year, emailed me & asked me to re-invoice her and a few days later she paid. Triple WOW…
So what ever you accessed in me has opened a door of blessings. I look forward to more financial success and breakthrough. I’m working now, almost insatiably with the Law of Attraction, because I feel after your
session, that success in going to come to me amazingly fast. And I want to be ready for it, by directing my thoughts about what I want, so as I’m moving fast & manifesting fast, I can attract & be ready for the right things…that meet my needs & wants.

You are a Godsend.
Success in all,

Sha’ Ron Grace
Coach, Motivational Speaker;
President of Becoming, Inc.



Logical Soul(tm) private sessions are now available in Atlanta.  Click Here for more information, or call (770) 455-6767 to set up an appointment with Dr. Craig.


Decision is the Ultimate Power

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I didn’t say this . . . Tony Robbins did. 

Watch the VIDEO below – a powerful presentation you can use to grasp the importance of accessing and changing HIDDEN DECISIONS in your own life so that you start FULFILLING your needs on Six basic levels. The last two needs are grounded in the SOUL, not the Personality, and requires TRANSFORMATION to access them!

Those who know how to
1) FOCUS on what they want,
2) Frame the MEANING independent of hidden decisions and subconsious programs, and
3) Make a NEW DECISION to move forward (instead of giving up)

can have FULFILMENT on the six levels Tony speaks of…

Through the Logical Soul method you can quickly access and change Hidden Decisions.  Click on the menu to the right to get in on my Free E-Class now . . . before I make it part of a paid membership site going up soon. 
– Michael