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How to Handle Difficult People

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I had an interesting experience during a recent marketing workshop I attended. 

I was introduced to a young fellow – I presume in his mid-to-late 30’s – who appeared to be a remarkably intelligent individual.  This man had studied with some of the best thinkers in the world and I was told charged lots of money for consultations with top firms. 

The man who introduced us apparently had told him of my work – but apparently only a little.  The guy started quizzing me on philosophy, marketing and the field of memtics as if I knew what he was talking about.  While I followed some of what he was saying, most of it went completely over my head since I’m not a marketing person and know only the basics about the science of memetics. 

This individual came across to me as rude and arrogant.  Being one to give folks the benefit of the doubt, however, I held my tongue until I could get a fix on where the guy was coming from.  I never did – he left quickly after firing a volley of intellectually-demeaning insults. 

“Whew!” I told me friend later, “That guy comes on a little strong doesn’t he?” 

“Yeah,” he said, “That’s just the way he is.”

I felt a little better, but then got to thinking that this was the first person in a long time who’s actually “gotten” to me.  I’m a pretty laid-back, easygoing person and it takes a lot to get me angry.  This one did. 

I also noticed that when something like this happens, its easy to become mentally lazy and either blame the other person (tyrant mode) or question your own motives and try to get the guy to tell you what you did wrong (victim mode).  After a short reflection, I did neither of those things, opting instead to use the Logical Soul Forgiveness Process (tm) to clear my bubbling mind and emotions. 

The way it worked is that I used a little mental torture to give back some of the pain given to me.  I visualize the guy getting slapped, stuck, burned, kicked, and otherwise abused in the same way I felt it.  I gave his crap back to him in a way that changed the energy and allowed me to let go of any resentments and feelings of the need for revenge. 

Its an ego thing.  My ego gets slapped, and it won’t rest until the other person gets slapped back.  That’s the law of the universe concerning energy – it is neither created nor destroyed.  Since I don’t need to find the person and analyze why his parents yelled at him (or whatever), I can only do the next best thing and clear my mind before it becomes a festering wound within my own psyche. 

HOW MANY OF YOU have festering soars in your emotions, mind and consicousness?  Take a moment to do this “forgiveness process.” It is quite different from what is normally considered forgiveness, but remember: the Bible’s injunction was “an eye for an eye.”  Since you don’t really want to take literal action on this, my suggestion is a mental thrashing. 

You will feel better and the grudge bomb will be defused.

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