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Who am I Fooling?

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My wife and I moved this past weekend. 

This event and others like it allow me to get my head turned around and my “cheese” moved.  Its an opportunity to freak out.  Get mightily annoyed.  Get overwhelmed and “flusterated” (a great southern expression).   I was all of those things this week.   

Being the great Logical Soul(tm) “guru,” however, allows me to also catch myself when I’m pretending like I’m pulling one over on everyone – whether or not I admit it to them.  My wife treats me lovingly.  My friends all chip in and help.  The workers work like crazy. 

I move a few boxes and sit down to breath heavily.  “Hard work,  Whew!!”  or something like that…

I know when I’m pulling a fast one over on people.  Chances are you do too.  My vice is laziness – always want to see how LITTLE I can actually do and be considered a productive person.  I also noticed though, that after a while I start believing my own bull manure.  

This actually happened the first part of my life – I became a “sensitive artist” . . . short for “lazy bum.”  My life went nowhere for most of forty some-odd years.  Then I discovered my deepest hidden decisions and could no longer fool myself.  I also found that NO ONE was EVER fooled by my act. 

No one. 

Accessing this fact was slightly traumatic, yes.  But there is no greater freedom to be found anywhere.  Now I still notice the same decisions sometimes running my life and actions.  The difference is now I’m telling you about it. 

Thanks for listening.

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