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People ask me all the time about the technique I discovered called the Logical Soul(tm), and how it works. 

The answer is always the same:  it is a simple and natural technique that allows you to access and change hidden decisions that affect your goals, your life, and your destiny.  It is also a way to “flip on” the internal passion that we are all born with, but lost soon after early childhood. 

But “self-improvement” its not.  I discovered that the Logical Soul(tm) is different from all other motivation and transformation techniques in that it does nothing to “improve” your “self” or your life.  I don’t even claim that anything SHOULD change!  When doing a session I simply assume you are where the sum total of all your decisions have placed you.  If you want to change, you must first become aware and transform your current hidden decisions that keep you where you are.

To do this you must become aware of the matrix of decisions that take priority and cover up your conscious goals and aspirations – trillions upon trillions of overlapping now-subconscious decision bundles and programs.   Most subconsious decisions can be traced back to ancestral decisions and by taking on someone else’s “stuff.” 

While this may sound simple, the implications are enormous.  Think of it this way: you are not only the sum of all the decisions you have made, but are the product of all the decisions your Ancestors have made!  Multiply this factor over seven or ten generations, and you can see why it becomes a stretch to think we have anything close to “free will.” 

We also have animal and reptilian influences!  The older parts of our brain, including the Limbic system, function purely to ensure our survival.   Even the so-called “higher” or newer portions of our brain – the cerebral cortex – have their differences.  The right hemisphere, for example, has its own unique VALUE SYSTEM that differs from the left hemisphere.  Its like having two (or more) people in there!    

The ancient Hawaiian Kahunas saw the so-called “individual” as 3 selves, corresponding loosely to Freud’s paragon, but separately funtioning in and of themselves.  Other cultures – particularly in the east – also see the so-called “individual” as a convenient invention of the mind and nothing more. 

The word, in fact, originated from the Greek term that described the self as undivided and a single whole.  This was – and is – a convenient tool if things need to be done.  Archimedes’ injuction “Give me a place to stand and I can move the world” is a perfect example of how the mind can provide that single ideological “place.” 

The hero is the ultimate individual.  Heroes can do anything, and we all strive to be one, whether we are conscious of it or not.  We live in the west, and this IS our culture!

The only drawback to Archimedes’ model, however, is that all heroes must have a “villain” or obstacle to overcome.   In the west, we have the news, and the news thrives on drama:  Good.  Evil.  Disaster.  Salvation.  Deliverance.  Corruption.  Change.  Ad infinitum . . .

 Transformation does not involve getting better, more dynamic, or by becoming a hero.  Quite the opposite, it involves relaxing into the true basis of the Self – that unbounded field of pure intelligence I call the Logical Soul(tm).