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Decision is the Ultimate Power

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I didn’t say this . . . Tony Robbins did. 

Watch the VIDEO below – a powerful presentation you can use to grasp the importance of accessing and changing HIDDEN DECISIONS in your own life so that you start FULFILLING your needs on Six basic levels. The last two needs are grounded in the SOUL, not the Personality, and requires TRANSFORMATION to access them!

Those who know how to
1) FOCUS on what they want,
2) Frame the MEANING independent of hidden decisions and subconsious programs, and
3) Make a NEW DECISION to move forward (instead of giving up)

can have FULFILMENT on the six levels Tony speaks of…

Through the Logical Soul method you can quickly access and change Hidden Decisions.  Click on the menu to the right to get in on my Free E-Class now . . . before I make it part of a paid membership site going up soon. 
– Michael