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Information Overload  Tip: IGNORE Massive Action Advice!

You probably have heard your favorite success or Internet Marketing guru tell you to take “massive action” or some variation of that advice.

They tell you to have written goals, clear goals, then take massive action along the path to getting there.  And they are right: it still amazes me that most people stumble through life with little self-direction, preferring instead that life throw a bunch of problems at them…

So, if you are anything like me (i.e., goal-directed), you do everything you can to follow their advice and TAKE that “massive action . . . because, after all, they ARE successful, right?

Information Overload

Information Overload?

The problem is that most of us are VERY UNSKILLED at taking massive action.  Trying then leads to confusion, loss of productivity, lack of focus and LOTS of stress and self-sabotage.  While its great to have specific goals, too many at once can lead to instant burnout.

I found it pays to just take ONE STEP at a time!

I make a small list everyday of items that I can accomplish.  Even if it is a single item.  I write it down in my Day-Timer (yes, I still use them) and do my best to get it done.  If I don’t, I write it again on the next day’s page – or whenever I feel I can best get to it.

Even if you do only 4 small,  tangible action items each day, you can accomplish miracles.  By tracking your progress weekly and monthly, you will be excited about your goal and what you have accomplished.

The strange thing about this simple technique is that it “quiets” my mind.  When I am working on a task, I don’t worry about all of the other things that need to get done. I can put all of my focus into that one task and be positive that whatever I am doing is something that will move my business one step closer to my goal.

Something that is often overlooked (I know I did) is the importance of time management skills for entrepreneurs.

Remember, Self-sabotage can be disastrous if you are the only “self” in the company! Learn to minimize it, and live your success!

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Our True Human Mental Potential

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LakeSunsetThere has been a long-time observation by philosophers, scientists and psychologists alike, that suggests we use only a small fraction of our brains, and therefore a fraction of our mental potential.  I hold the same theory, and will attempt to quantify these observations in a series of articles.

The reasons I feel this exercise is important are fourfold:

  1. We tend to underestimate our potential mental capacity and power,
  2. We tend to over-exaggerate the ability of the conscious mind to achieve what we desire,
  3. We tend to AVOID achieving our goals through self-sabotage and various means of internal and external distraction, and
  4. This avoidance and distraction creates mental pollution that clogs our synapses, dampens our spirits, and reduces our access to our own power.

If I can (over the next few blog posts) show reasonably and conclusively that our fate relies on the vast, untapped reservoir of mental and emotional potential, and that there may be a method to tap into this potential, I believe that the fate of humans on this planet can be powerfully altered.

I will also attempt to show the connection between our potential extinction, and the our capacity to prevent it without massive government involvement.

Next: Part 1 – How and Why We Underestimate Our Mental Potential

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Don Sherrill, Bench Press Champ

Don Sherrill, Bench Press Champ

Don Sherrill is a 65 year-old former Navy officer who currently works as an engineer and still yearns to be a successful entrepreneur.  Oh, by the way, he also bench presses almost DOUBLE his weight at the gym!!

That’s right, Don is a competitive athlete in the halls of sweat and testosterone – the world of competition weight-lifting. I’ll be interviewing Don on how he had the idea to get started in this endeavor, how it has affected his view on life and success, and how he plans to break the 300-pound personal-best bench-press mark.

Don has been using the Logical Soul to help his goals and performance, and I’ll be asking him how that’s progressing.

You can hear his interview by Michael Craig on Blog Talk Radio tonight (Tuesday, Nov. 24th) at 6 pm, or call into (347) 843-4544 to ask questions of Don or add a comment.

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If you’ve been hanging out any motivation and/or self-help folks for any length of time, you’ve no doubt hear of the book “The Secret” and its “Law of Attraction.”

RU Manifesting Your Desires?

RU Manifesting Your Desires?

Simply stated, the Law of Attraction says that whatever you expect to be or happen in life – really expect deep down – will happen.  It says that you cannot consistently entertain negative thoughts and expect positive results.

I happen to agree with this assessment. After all, it IS the law, is it not?…

Those who teach and write about the Law of Attraction have discovered that it has worked in their lives, and they attempt to share this profound truth with others.  The problem, however, is that few of those I call (lovingly and sincerely, I might add) “The Great Ones” truly understand the depth of the roots of negativity, and why it is so hard for those who fail consistently to overcome the “Seeds of Failure.”

Affirmations work for some, not others.  Goals and resolutions work for some and not others.  In fact, it is very hard for most people to change their thoughts and take action in the direction of their greatest desires.

But why?  Let’s explore this universal dilemma…

First of all, just because you are able to “attract” something does NOT mean you can recognize, assimilate or manifest it when it arrives!  Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you have a Vitamin D deficiency.  Normally, sunlight is the answer and all you have to do is sit in it for a few hours.  Problem solved, right?  Well . . .

I discovered that just because the sun hits the skin does NOT mean that the result is Vitamin D.  In fact, there are many people who live in tropical (i.e., very sunny) climates who suffer from this deficiency!  Their bodies are simply unable to assimilate the benefits and produce the required vitamin.  This, by the way is true of all vitamins, minerals, and most supplements.  Many people either have problems digesting them, or assimilating them in other ways . . . and these problems lead to disease.

Now let’s look at positive thinking – the first step (according to many who teach the Law of Attraction)  for attracting a desired result.  Let’s say you spend days, months or even years “thinking positive” and wiping out all negativity in your life.  For many people this will indeed produce very positive results.

For some who suffer from the ‘Seed of Failure,” however,  things will only stay the same or get worse. Why?  They were unable to assimilate this positive input and manifest the results outwardly.  Let me explain. . .

You must have a real sense of what you desire inside before it actually manifests in your world outside. In fact, that’s the way the mind works and world manifests: from above-down and inside-out!

If you ever have a thought about something like, “Hmm, I think I want some green tea and Thai food?

First, there appears to be a feeling, i.e., the body says there™s a hunger or thirst present.  The feeling arises in the body that I’m hungry.”  Then the memory kicks in, something like I really like Thai food because it was really tasty last week!”

Once the thoughts and feelings converge inside, a desire arises: I want Thai food.”  Then, you begin to make plans.  You’re feet begin to walk to the door, you grab your keys, you go to the car, you get in to the car, you drive with your wife, boyfriend, girlfriend to the Thai restaurant; you sit, you order, the green tea and food comes, and you eat.

Then something happens: the fulfillment of that desire takes place.

But really, what happened first?  Was it the thought or was it the impulse that brought the thought about?  The answer is the impulse happened first.

The impulse arises and then the thought arises.  Then some action happens and achievement takes place, i.e., being at the Thai restaurant and ordering the food.  Then the fulfillment of that desire: tasting the food.

So, if you want something to happen outside, the Law of Manifestation states that you must first have this impulse, this thought, this desire inside. This law – like the Law of Attraction – works for both positive or negative thoughts or impulses.  It doesn’t care.  Who you are deep inside is what you manifest.

Something arises within your consciousness that says I want this, then the thought manifest as an outside ripple of actions and events.  This means that

  • Thoughts are not something that you do.
  • Thoughts are things that you have.
  • Thoughts arise from deep within your consciousness.

There IS a way to direct your destiny.  In addition to the law of Attraction, you must, through muscle testing and other means, begin to find out where those impulses lie and where those thoughts actually came from.

Once you tap into hidden reservoirs of thought previously unavailable to you, you quickly discover the reasons why certain thoughts, feelings and desires arise within you in the first place.  You will also learn how to change and redirect them when necessary!

So long as the original reasons are there, all you can do is have the original

JFK's Affirmation:  Ich bin ein Berliner!

JFK's Affirmation: Ich bin ein Berliner!

thought and desire.  And, consequently, you can only have the original (i.e., predestined) outcome.  The Law of Attraction – based on the higher Law of Manifestation – can only attract those impulses that lie at the core of your soul . . . beyond any thought!

If you want different outcomes, tap into that hidden reservoir of intelligence and desire. Find out where the thought comes from.

It’s fairly simple to do.  Using feedback techniques, ask your body about these deeper impulses. Only your body and so-called subconscious mind can tell you these things.

Once done, you will be able to change decisions on a very deep level and create what you want inside so that very soon you’ll be able to manifest your goals outside.

I made an “outrageous” goal to obtain and ride a unicycle 5 miles this month.  Good news… I just did my 4th mile without stopping, without falling, and without losing control! My first 3 were not so smoothe, so today was a major turning point for me. 

 unicycleMaybe my goal wasn’t so outrageous after all.  Or maybe I got a little crazy and actually believed I could do this.  Whatever the reason, these days I have a feeling inside that is strong and postive.  By getting clear of all the crap inside that blocks me from doing things, actually doing them has suddenly become a breeze! 

My goal is to be the oldest person ever to ride a unicycle across the entire length of the Cherohala Skyway in TN-NC.  Since I’ll probably be the first and only person so far to do this, I could probably name my own record! 

Basically, this just means going one mile at a time, for 43 miles, so it is definitely do-able.  I just need to learn how to navigate those darn hills and build up my stamina (significantly)!  My friend Hugh told me ther are three 9-degree inclines on this highway – rough going on two wheels, much less one!

But I have a year to get ready for this, so stay tuned.  Tomorrow I’ll go for the 5th and final mile, then maybe do a victory lap around Best Friend Park for all my curious new friends…

“Hey, look.  There’s that old guy on a unicycle again!” 

Sounds just right to me. 

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They say that you never forget how to ride a bicycle.  I guess “they” can add “Unicycling” to that list of unforgetable skills, because this 56-year-old guy apparently didn’t. 

Unicycle rideThe last time I rode a unicycle was before 1970, about 40 years ago.  I hung up my wheel after years of being labeled a weirdo and show off.  Since I don’t have any need to avoid such labels these days, I figured I’d make a go of it once again, especially since mentor Raymond Aaron gave me permission by publicly stating he was one of us weirdos.     

But this whole unicycle thing was harder than I thought.  First, I had to buy a new one because my old 24-inch Lizzie had (almost) breathed its last tire-breath.  A 29-inch one-eyed road warrior is my new ticket to adventure, and I wanted to take her out for a spin right away.  I had already made an outrageous goal of riding five miles before June 1st, and the month was almost over. 

The first thing I experienced after sharing my goal with Soma of riding the unicycle cornerCherohala Skyway on a unicycle next year was calmness.  Having spent years using the Logical Soul technique to process through all my “stuff” such as low self-esteem, fear, procrastination and other forms of self-sabotage, I felt really confident making such a bold declaration.  I know I can do it . . . and will! 

The first outing was unsensational, but rewarding.  Tuesday, May 19th I was able to keep my balance and tool on down the highway (in a local public park) with a minimum of spills.  One mile down, four to go.  So far so good. 

unicycle joyThe next day I did my second mile, although I started to feel my age on the uphill grades.  My wife Soma took these pics of me after a full day’s work on a a house renovation.  I slept well that night, despite some throbbing in the left knee. 

Two miles down, three to go…

I worked a full day on Friday, then came home and hopped on my unicycle in front of my house, just to ride to the corner of the block as I did the first day. 

Big mistake.  I immediately felt wobbly and crashed after only 200 feet downDown the Road the road, plowing my head into the asphalt.  It was REALLY good I had my helmet on . . . a blow like that would have sent me to the hospital for sure!

Needless to say, I didn’t continue the ride.  I figured out that a state of exhaustion where I can barely walk is not the best time to do a rolling balancing act!  Besides, I had quite a headache afterwards and decided to wimp out and head for the showers. I’ve got another week to log three more miles. 

Unicycle Sunset


I’ll be better prepared this weekend. 

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Bench Press Competition Results

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Don't Bench Press EventWell, it’s official…

Don’s competition was in Kennesaw, Georgia last week and I was really impressed by the intensity that most of the athletes brought to their sport.  Don didn’t break any records, but he did achieve one part of his goal – pressing 275 pounds (I don’t remember the exact number – sorry, Don). You can get all the exciting details at Don’s weight-training page at

Don’s goal – and what I’m working with him on – is breaking the 300-pound barrier for a 64-year-old (soon to bee 65).  His training coach says he needs more control, since there has to be strict control during a competitive press.  I told him I disagreed.  I believe control comes with fierce desire – a sort of no-holds-barred type of intensity I saw some of the athletes exhibit during the event.  The scream, huff, puff, yell, and cry out before, during, and after their lift or press. Control will happen when the desire overwhelms his cultured “wine-sipping” tendencies (his words).

Don says that yelling and grunting is “not my style.”  I can relate, because its not “my” style either.  But I tell you what, the ones WITH that style usually got the results!  Here’s why…

Sun Tzu in his ancient treatise on The Art of War wrote as a leader of warriors: 

“On hemmed-in ground, I would block any way of retreat.  On desperate ground, I would proclaim to my soldiers the hopelessness of saving their lives.  For it is the soldier’s disposition to offer an obstinate resistance when surrounded, to fight hard when he cannot help himself, and to obey promptly when he has fallen into danger… Place your army in deadly peril, and it will survive; plunge it into depsarate straits, and it will come off in safety.” 

Don SherrilAn athlete who assumes the mantel of a warrior becomes intense.  The athlete who not only becomes a warrior, but one who fights to the death, becomes unstoppable.  The problem in modern America is that there are very few who can turn on that survival-warrior instinct at will.  It takes special guidance to access some sort of hidden decision in the subconsious mind that could invoke such an instinct, but I believe it can be done. 

Next week I start working with Don on developing this instinct by accessing the mental-emotional compartments of his self-image.   I already brought up the idea that – faced with a 350-pound weight crushing his daughter – he WOULD and COULD lift or press it.  The problem is, the mind gets in the way.  There are many MORE reasons NOT to press over 300, namely: 

Its not my style.
I might get hurt.
I can only do it with steady workouts and training.
I can only do it when I HAVE to, and
There is no rush.

Sound like some of the self-talk going on in your mind?  Not surprisingly, these thoughts are very common.  Personally, I find it stressful to sit on a bicycler for more than 5 minutes while watching TV, but I don’t have any physical goals (yet).  Stay tuned for more results with Don.   – Michael

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Don’s Bench Press Goal in Sight

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Although my bench-pressing friend Don did not set any new personal records today, his session yesterday did provide him with some new insights and possibilities.  I look forward to his May 2nd Championship Meet where he hopes to top his goal of 300.  I’ll be there, cheering him on; you can follow Don’t exploits at

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Don (my 295-pound bench pressing friend) informs me he turns 65 in three weeks!  I reported he was 62 in a previous blog post, and stand corrected. 

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Don S.I started working with my 62-year-old friend Don a couple of weeks ago to see if the Logical Soul(tm) process could help him increase his ability to bench press competitively. 

It has. 

Don just reported to me that he is now up to 295 pounds, just 5 pounds shy of his goal of 300 – and can see exceeding that by leaps and bounds!  He basically told me that although the lift was exciting, he felt more in control than he ever had before and his younger gym-mates commented on this new confindence. 

The interesting thing about Don’t progress is that I did nothing to change his routine or regimen.  He did all the usual things he does to get ready, prepped and set.  All I did was allow him (in a session the day before) to access and change a couple of hidden decisions that held him back.  These deeper decisions – based on perceived survival issues – kept him hovering right around 280 pounds or so for a long time.   Now apparently they no longer tie him to those issues – or at least have less of a grip.

Feedback from Don is vital to show me and others that actual PHYSICAL changes take place – not just the percieved mental, emotional, and spiritual transformations that have been reported.  Goal-to-action progress must be measureable – and is using the Logical Soul(tm) technique! 

You can follow Don’s goal-to-action transformation at


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