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A Life Coach Christmas Story

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christmas treeChristmas Eve is a special time to reflect on our blessings, and our gifts to one another.   One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others is the gift of transformation.  This gift, however, won’t usually be found under the Christmas tree, or in that big bag carried by Santa Claus. 

Tune in to the Logical Soul Talk Christmas Special on Tuesday, December 24, 2013 at 6 pm ET to commemorate the life of one of the greatest transformational “life coaches” who ever walked the earth, and why your part in carrying forth this legacy is so crucial.

Whether you are Christian or not, you have the power to become an “Agent of Transformation” . . . even if only for a night.  As a Life Coach, however, this show should be of particular importance!

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logical soulEver wonder why some people are able to effortlessly manifest wealth, relationships and health while others struggle just to survive?  Do they have more knowledge?  Skills?  Connections? Education?? . . . Or is it something else?

Dr. Michael Craig will take you on an exploratory journey behind the scenes into a Logical Soul(R) session on Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 6 pm ET to demonstrate how hidden decisions run your life for either good or ill.  You can listen to the show online, or call (347) 843-4544 and press “1” to join the conversation.

During the show, Michael will go over some reasons why this simple technique has revolutionized the approach to self-help and self-discovery.  Learn what the technique is, how it is useful, and why this approach is so radically different from all other therapies and treatments.

Says Dr. Craig, “Any disease – whether is is ill health, poverty, or loneliness – has its roots in only one of a few basic inner laws that run our lives.  By discovering these laws – and changing the hidden decisions that hold them in place – you can break free of all restrictions and transform your life in an instant!”

Learn the open secrets of manifestation, and how the natural progression from “divine listening” to resolution is actually so simple, we missed it!!

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the logical soul

Original June 2013 Series coming!

“What IS the Logical Soul®?” is the topic of our June, 2013 series on Logical Soul Talk.  All throughout the month of June Dr. Michael Craig and special guests will present inside views of this dynamic technique for self-discovery, and how it was developed as a lightening-fast way to help you attract more love, make more money, find better health, and feel more alive than you ever have before!  You can listen to each 30-minute show online, or call (347) 843-4544 to listen online, or press “1” to raise your hand and ask questions of your host!

Tuesday, June 4, 6 pm – Logical Soul® and Relationships.  Michael and Brigitte Craig discuss their long-term marriage and how it would not have survived those years without using the Logical Soul®technique on a regular basis.  This show is all about love, relationships, and how they discovered the subject for their upcoming book “Men Are Stupid, Women are Crazy… How To Make Love Work In Spite of That Other Person!” 

Tuesday, June 11, 6 pm – Logical Soul® for Money and Wealth.  This topic was so important and popular that Michael developed an entirely unique technique to deal with it called “The Money Matrix Method.”  Tune in to find out the seven (7) crucial areas where you may literally be pushing money and wealth away . . . and how to stop doing this!!

Tuesday, June 18, 6 pm – Logical Soul® and Ideal Health.  Health issues were one of the main reasons Dr. Craig, a former chiropractor, continued to search for answers to his persistent headaches.  What he found may shock and surprise you.  Tune in to this show for a fascinating journey around the world – and into your own body – where answers to health concerns can be found, and where miracles occur daily!

Tuesday, June 25, 6 pm – Logical Soul® and Awakening.  Michael covers the all-important distinction between “Enlightenment” and “Awakening,” and how the Logical Soul® was created with a foundation firmly rooted in meditation.  He will go over the “nature of the mind” and how his technique follows a natural path towards self-discovery, complete aliveness, and inner happiness.

Don’t miss this vital series which may not be repeated!

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swami satya vedant

Swami Satya Vedant

Dr Vasant Joshi was initiated into Sannyas by Osho in 1975 and was given the name Swami Satya Vedant.  He also became Osho’s official biographer in the late 1980’s and is the author of several books on Osho and enlightenment, and will share more of his experiences and special insights during a special one-hour Logical Soul Talk interview by Dr. Craig on Tuesday, April 23, 2013.  

The interview was prerecorded during a mediation group gathering  by Vedant during his visit to the Atlanta area to conduct workshops and spread the word about the importance of mediation.

Swami Vedant holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Michigan, U.S.A., and M.A., Ph.D. from M.S. University of Baroda, India. He has taught at University of California, Berkeley and at Cleveland State University. Vedant has given numerous talks, participated in seminars and conferences and has presented workshops in India, Canada, Russia, and the United States of America.

His workshops have been mainly focused on Stress Management and Managerial Effectiveness, Leadership, Human Relationship, Women and Self Empowerment, Education, and Health Enhancement for the Police. Vedant’s publications include several books and a wide range of articles published in journals, magazines, and newspapers in India, USA, and Australia. He has given numerous public lectures and has held workshops around the world including at the United Nations, The World Bank, the Pentagon, as well as at Dr. Deepak Chopra’s program in San Diego.

Swami Vedant was a key speaker at India Conclave 2010 held in New Delhi and at a large conference in Russia. He was invited by Zoom TV in India for a 6 part series on problems faced by today’s youth and their solutions, in a program called “Within You”.

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logical soulTuesday, December 25, 2012 at 6 pm ET.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Enjoy this pre-recorded presentation:The Logical Soul(R) is a way to revolutionize your life and transform your results from mediocre to amazing!
This is a radio story presented by Dr. Michael Craig in 2009 that tells of his search for happiness and transformation, and how this search led to the discovery of a technique that changed his life and the life of thousands of others. Learn how to harness both success and happiness using the Logical Soul(R)!
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The Best of Logical Soul Talk II

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We continue our “Best Of” Series in the month of December, 2012 with the following great interviews and presentations from 2009.  Enjoy!!

brownell landrum

Brownell Landrum

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at 6 pm ET.    “Why did this happen to me?!” is often on the lips of those who suffer an agonizing loss, or whose life is stuck on an endless treadmill. If that is you, ever wonder if there is a way out?

Brownell Landrum knows.  In fact, she will share with Michael’s listeners how to “draw success” from failure.   Brownell is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and inventor who was able to turn the failures in her life into different success stories, bouncing back stronger than ever!  She will share excerpts from her book, Five Reasons Bad Things Happen, and much more. This show is a replay of Michael Craig’s interview on October 11, 2009.



michael warshaw

Michael Warshaw

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 6 pm ET.  Michael Warshaw is a successful cosmetic chemist and entrepreneur who lives and works in Savannah, Georgia and specializing in finding natural alternatives to harmful cosmetics.

In this interview – first airing on May 5, 2009 – Mr. Warshaw shares his trials, tribulations and victories with Dr. Craig, i.e, how he has been fighting a battle on three fronts with the cosmetic industry, the medical associations, and the pharmaceutical behemoth!



nancy spivey

Nancy Spivey

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 6 pm ET.  Nancy Spivey found inspiration about her great love – real estate – at an early age, and is currently the founder and president of Transformation Consultants, Inc.

She shares with Dr.  Craig’s audience her adventures in self-discovery and entrepreneurship.  Come learn from this successful consultant and businesswoman how to be your own visionary, recognize trends, embrace change and implement your plans towards growth and prosperity. This show originally aired in November of 2009.


logical soulTuesday, December 25, 2012 at 6 pm ET.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Enjoy this pre-recorded presentation:The Logical Soul(R) is a way to revolutionize your life and transform your results from mediocre to amazing!
This remarkable 2009 radio story by Dr. Michael Craig tells of his search for happiness and transformation, and how this search led to the discovery of a technique that changed his life and the life of thousands of others. Learn how to harness both success and happiness using the Logical Soul(R)!
vedant osho

Swami Vedant on OSHO

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 6 pm ET.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  

Teacher, author and Osho biographer Swami Satya Vedant shares the significance of OSHO a.k.a. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and how his vision of transformation has forever changed humanity and the world.   In this replay of the 72-minute November, 2010 interview, host Michael Craig probes deeply into Vedant’s first-hand accounts of Osho’s life, and bold experiments in human awareness and consciousness.

This show is the last of the “Best of Logical Soul Talk” series of early show replays.  Join Michael starting January 8th, 2013 for more of his great interviews with influential authors, coaches and mentors!

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david cummings

David Cummings

I will be the guest of my Aussie friend David Cummings today at 5 pm on his WEALTHY CHANGE Blog Talk Radio show. David is making some real progress in online marketing, and will be asking me questions about the Logical Soul(R) and Money Matrix Method(TM).

Join us at 5! It should be a very interesting and lively discussion.

If, however, you can’t make it for today’s show, our interview should also be available online via the same link above.




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money matrix method

Money Matrix Method Membership

The Logical Soul will soon become a membership site!  While you will still continue to get all the great news of special radio guests, insights, opinions and more, there will be an additional membership option.

My new Money Matrix Method Membership section will provide to paying members special downloads, instructional videos, weekly coaching calls and accountability, and lots and lots of great tools designed to increase your CAPACITY for WEALTH and money!

MMM Membership was created in response to the demand for effective wealth training . . .  AND the price is right! At only $4.95 per month, its cheaper than a Starbucks Latte.  Also, considering you get a 7-day trial for only $1, its practically a no-brainer!

Stay tuned. More on this is coming soon!

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Can Beauty Be Measured?

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The Logical Soul® is all about understanding the so-called subconscious motivations behind things that happen.  Therefore, the measurement of beauty falls right in line with this calling.  Here are some fun thoughts on how this may be accomplished:

Sacred Geometry

Vetruvian Man

Does beauty correspond to our inner sense of proportion?  Some scholars of ancient sciences think so.  Apparently, the Golden Ratio of 1: 1.618 is the cornerstone of beauty when it comes to the beauty relationships found in nature, such as the Chambered Nautilus seashell and the human body.

Relationships found in humans is (mostly) subconsciously measured and translated into beauty. Factors that are considered on the “pleasant-to-look-at” scale include things like the width of eyes to the width of the face, the relative locations of the eyes, nose and lips on the face, the ratio of hand length to forearm length, height-torso ratios, and many others.

Didn’t know Angelina Jolie was an inner geometry whiz, didya?

As for beauty in man-made objects, imitation of the Golden Ratio in nature is found in practically all European Gothic churches. Further, these magnificent edifices were built using only a drawing compass and straight-edge as the measuring tools.  The Masonic “secrets” so coveted and passed down over the centuries are founded on this knowledge.

The Helen

Helen of Troy

This arbitrary (and whimsical) measurement of beauty is the brainchild of writer David Lance Goines. Helen of Troy’s beauty supposedly had a face that “launched a thousand ships, and burnt the topless towers of Ilium.”

According to Goinse, therefore, “the Helen” is the standard measurement.  A Milli-Helen – or one-thousandth of a Helen – would be sufficient to “launch one Homeric warship & burn down a house.” A Kilo-Helen (103 Helens) is enough to “launch the equivalent of One Million Greek warships and spark a Nuclear confrontation.”

Not feeling up to all that activity?  Then you might measure your desire as a

  • A Nano-Helen (one ten-millionth of a Helen) could “send the Old Man on a canoe trip & build a good roaring blaze in the fireplace.
  • Femto-Helen (one-hundred millionth of a Helen) and simply”burn a dinner candle and spit a toothpick into a water glass.”

However you measure it, beauty is more than simply in “the eye of the beholder.”  Now we must consider its power as well!

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The 9 Hidden Laws of Attraction

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Hidden Laws of Attraction

You are familiar with the Law of Attraction, right?  You know, that thing about  what you think of and intend will manifest in your life.  This is the subject of The Secret and dozens of books on the same subject.

But how many of you know that there are NINE HIDDEN LAWS that determine whether or not you are actually attracting what you CONSCIOUSLY intend?  No?  Not surprising, since I’ve only uncovered them over the past several years.

Want to change your life for real? Want to overcome the “stinkin’ thinkin” and negative impulses that feed failure and produce problems?  Read on.

As you may have found out through trial and error, this “attraction thing” can be tricky.  One errant thought and POOF!  There goes your abundance, relationship or health.  One bad judgment and POOF!  There goes your self-confidence and trust in this so-called Law of Attraction.

That’s because the Law of Attraction is composed of 9 other HIDDEN Laws . . . ones that only become apparent when you are guided to them and shown how they work.

But again, ignorance of the law is no excuse.  Just as gravity has no mercy on those who walk off cliffs without knowing, so too do the 9 Laws of Attraction thrash those who ignore their warnings.

Over the next several weeks, I will give you an in-depth preview of an upcoming book called The 9 Hidden Laws That Can Change Your Life: How to Harness the Laws of Attraction Without Programming the Subconscious Mind Using Affirmations, Tapping, Rituals or Hypnosis.

These articles will be part of the book, will provide valuable tools and insights, and will surely change the way you currently think about personal success and motivation.  I want to give you the tools you need to succeed – really succeed – not just think you are succeeding!

Stay tuned.  And give me your feedback please!

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