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What do these people have in common? Mark Joyner, Alex Mandossian, Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm, Matt Bacak, Gina Gaudio Graves, Dave Lakhani, Tellman Knudson, Mark Widawer, Michael Penland, David Garfinkel, Simon Leung, Ken McArthur, Donna Fox, Kevin Wilke, Sterling Valentine, Harris Fellman, Heather Vale, Jeremy Gislason, Jason James, Frank Sousa, Larry Benet, Mike Morgan, Jason Moffatt, Eric Holmlund, Ross Goldberg, Joe Lavery, Devon Brown and Brian Edmondson, to name just a few??

Well, for one thing, they are all very successful Internet marketers and entrepreneurs.  For another thing, they all still share another bond – a friendship and admiration for Jason Oman, my very special guest on Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, December 15th at 6 pm ET.

Jason,  author of the book Conversations with Millionaires, suffered a brain aneurysm back in October of 2007 that left him virtually incapacitated. Although he survived, his business suffered, his income went down, and even his memory and social life have been slow to rebound.  However this remarkable young man – still in his late 30’s – has fought over the past two years to make a remarkable recovery with the help of Emory Hospital, good supportive friends, and his mother, Merry.

Amazingly, Jason is still very upbeat, cheerfully addresses everyone as “SuperStar,”  and has big plans for the near future.  Although his memory is still a little weak, with the help of friends and technology he is writing again and planning another series of books and online courses.

The world is still Jason’s oyster, and he shows us why none of us have ANY excuses not to make it in life and business! Here is a taped interview with him in July, 2007:

Tune in Tuesday as a show of support for Jason – and let’s cheer him back to a full recovery!

Devon, Success Renegade

Devon, Success Renegade

Devon Brown is our special guest on Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, October 6th at 6 pm at  You can hear it on your computer with headphones, or call in to (347) 843-4544.

Devon tells the story of how he told everybody he was going to be an “overnight Internet millionaire” until he discovered how much work – and how difficult – it actually was!  Since then, Devon has hooked up with the Guru’s Guru Matt Bacak,  become  highly sought-after Master of Ceremonies for big events, and has created his own coaching program toMaster of Ceremonies show others how to “bring sexy back” to Internet marketing.  

Oh, and Devon is one of the best dancers to grace the Atlanta dance floors!

Master of Ceremonies

Joe and Michael

Joe and Michael

Joe Lavery speaks of his years on a Navy submarine as “great training for learning how to develop systems.”  He appears with Dr. Craig on Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, September 29, 2009 at 6 pm (ET) on Blog Talk Radio.

Now this young man is doing Internet Marketing with a passion.  His nickname “the Testing Freak” is rather appropriate since it combines his precise thinking with a rather oddball twist.  By testing and re-testing ad and copy conversions and thousands of other complicated marketing factors, Joe has become quite successful at this game.  He’s also been able to leverage his knowledge into ongoing partnerships with some of the best and richest Internet Marketing gurus on the planet.

His latest work Response Dynamite and Affiliate 180 programs use techniques that can only be described as “creative” to generate huge profits.  His “wicked sick” humor also adds to a unique method of teaching that draws large audiences worldwide.

After a brief stint in Atlanta – working with IM guru Matt Bacak – Joe has moved on to California for new opportunities and a new girlfriend.  I caught up with Joe at some of his appearances and asked him to come on the show to share his greatest successes and inspiring people, as well as some trials and tribulations along the way to his becoming a highly-sought-after Internet Marketing consultant.

I’ll also try to coax some valuable insider tricks out of Joe that you can use to to kick-start your online success!

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I am the knower of the Logical Soul and master of my Destiny.  I also just wasted over two hours cruising through my e-mail messages.  In the past, this would normally take me 10-15 minutes, tops. 

Ever since I started focusing on Internet marketing, however, e-mail is now starting to look like a freaking black hole!  I feel like I’ve joined a cult – complete with Kool aid and comet prophecies.   Guys like Matt Bacak, Eban Pagan, Dave Guindon, Armand Moran, Keith Wellman, Russell Brunson, Rich Scheffren, Mike Filsame, Anik Sengal, Alex Mandosian and others are masters at seduction.  I will pretty much click on anything they send to me. 

I admit I like pretty things flashing before my eyes in organized, hypnotic fashion.  It’s only natural, especially for the male of the species, to get caught up in the thrill of the hunt.  We are fast to click on all the links to what I call “shiny objects”, i.e., online squeeze pages promising to a) change my life, b) make me boatloads of money, and c) have me sitting on the beach sipping margheritas and counting my millions with a beautiful blond . . . all within 30 days!

Most of the times I’ve been fortunate enough to resist their virtual strip tease and come-ons.  Sometimes not.  These promoters are relentless and subtle – shiny, colorful buttons, cool and engaging videos, facts and figures that make my mundane life seem more and more mundane by the minute.   And, don’t get me wrong, I really LIKE what they send!  Its just that, despite the fact that I’ve met many of them personally and respect them all, there is that seedy underside that they never told me about - me! 

That’s right, I can’t blame them.  Its ME!!  If I am not centered enough to know what I want, then EVERY shiny object that comes within my view hooks me.  I’m fair game for the marketing geniuses. 

So if you’re like me, how do you center yourself and know what you really want?  Try this:

Before logging in to your e-mail, sit quietly before the computer and know that there will be temptation coming at you from every corner and pixel of your screen.  Like Luke Skywalker, simply ignore this incoming blitz and feel “the Force” within you.  Then log on, scroll like crazy, and erase everything that even LOOKS like it might have a shiny object attached before it has a chance to sink its virtual tentacles into your brain.  And keep breathing. 

After you’ve erased everything, log off IMMEDIATELY and pour yourself a stiff drink to congratulate yourself (that is, unless you’re on the 12-step program and just created another problem!). Toast your success and repeat this same procedure the next day. Then the next. 

Before long, you will have your life back and Matt and the guys will pine away their lives wishing you were friends again.  

But there’s also another way.  Take out your credit card like I did, and just start buying until you become rich.  The catch is, you never become rich because you are TOO BUSY READING ABOUT AND BUYING GET RICH PROGRAMS!!! 

Most likely you’ll end up homeless because your partner kicked you out of the house . . . or dead from what the cops determined was “justifiable homocide.” 

So I’m quitting.  Right now.  Just as soon as I erase all this . . .  oh look Matt is retiring and giving away every secret he knows . . .

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