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Every set a goal, and then proceed not to reach it?

Sounds silly, but it happens all the time. In fact, its a wonder many of us achieve ANY goal we set out to accomplish. Self-sabotage comes in many forms: procrastination, fear, anxiety, jealousy, rage, and mostly just going unconsious to the world around us and inside us. We run the engine of our lives like a car crippled by dysfunction. On the one hand we give it all we’ve got – put the metal to the pedal with one foot – while slamming on the brakes with the other.

The result? A weakened vehicle and not much progress.

Powerful goals can only happen when we take our foot OFF the brake. Our inner resolve will then naturally reflect our outer results. If we are less than certain in any activity, it shows. If we hesitate for a split second before diving off the big board, we risk the belly flop.

Hidden decisions created long before we became adults constantly run our lives in ways we will never really understand. We only suffer the negative consequences.

I held a class called The Powerful Goals Program up until April of 2009, and witnessed how the simple act of aligning inner and outer realities can create an explosive power inside, and effortless accomplishments outside. Check out the introduction:

Enjoy! – M Craig

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