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Raymond Aaron

Raymond Aaron

What is “Self Help” anyway?

Is it a way to get slimmer?  Stronger? Smarter? Or Richer?  Or is self help actually that persistent yearning we have for our Soul?

When I first learned that Raymond Aaron walked to the North Pole, I was mightily impressed.  When I listened further and heard the story of how he trudged over 350 miles across polar bear-infested snowdrifts pulling a heavy sled with supplies . . . and won the race as a 62-year-old(!) I about fell out of my chair!

“Now” I mused, “that may not be much self help for the body, what it does for the SOUL is immeasurable!”

I knew then and there I had much to learn from him.  Needless to say, I immediately signed up for his Monthly Mentor Program, STOPPED procrastinating, and started accomplishing some amazing things.  I set up my blog, finished my book, started a radio program,and started riding a UNICYCLE after quitting over 40 years ago!!

. . . and I still have much yet to accomplish!  Thanks to Raymond Aaron.

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CalendarI won’t lie to you: it’s been a tough month.

I buried my Mom in Tennessee, income was practically non-existent, and goals were really tough to accomplish.  Despite the Herculean effort and time spent, nothing appeared to happen easily.

Hey, Mama said there’d be times like this!  I guess my personal loss knocked the steam out of me much more than I realized.

Next month, however,  is already shaping up to be much more productive.  Barring too many unforeseen circumstances, I should be able to accomplish my goals. Just the same, I’d like to be on record with them, so here are my goals for February:

  • Finish repairs and finally close the deal on our former house,
  • Officially publish my book,
  • Hold the first Logical Soul Meetup Group session,
  • Negotiate for office space to do private sessions,
  • Set up the Logical Soul membership program,
  • Get my website shopping cart up and running,  and
  • Contact relatives regarding a family reunion in March.

For purposes of the Monthly Mentor program, I broke each of the above goals into lesser ones that I can accomplish easier.  Even so, these are ambitious goals, but ones I feel I can complete by March 1st (hopefully with a little help).

Hey, y’all have a super February too, Superstars!!

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Starting 2010, I’m getting organized!!

How many of us made THAT resolution?  Probably more than a few.  But how many actually accomplished this task? (I only hear crickets . . .)

For once in a long time, I can actually say I cleaned up my desk, organized my files, and even got stuff done I’ve been putting off in my business for years . . . from just doing the steps outlined in Raymond Aarons’ program, The Monthly Mentor. It is a phenomenal program where he takes you from zero to happy in about 18 months! Right now he’s even offering his book for free – for just the cost of postage and handling.  Check it out.

Also – FYI – I recently ran across a program by Lance Tamashiro and Robert Plank, a couple of Internet marketing geniuses who also offer a structured program to dramatically increase your productivity and reduce overwhelm.  While I have not taken their program, I’ve heard Lance and Robert speak on occasion, and was duly impressed.  I’ve also heard other small business people who say they swear by these guys.

Their course – IM Productivity Secrets – is geared mostly to Internet Marketers, but can be extremely helpful for you if you own a small business.

Raymond Aaron with Michael

Raymond Aaron with Michael

Don’t miss my interview with the fabulously-outrageous Raymond Aaron tonight on Logical Soul Talk at 6 pm. I will be asking Raymond questions about his life’s turning point that led him out of being divorced and $100K in debt at age 39 to making his first million by the time he was age 41.

I’ll also be talking with Raymond about his Monthly Mentor program and the special discount he is currently offering.  You can benefit from these special giveaways right now at

I also want to find out if Raymond has retrieved his unicycle from storage and started riding it again. Don’t miss this unique radio interview – and check out his program!

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