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Couch Surfing Ori

Ori Bengal is the creator of the best-selling course “Make WordPress Easy”, which shows people how to make professional websites with ease.  He is also a self-professed “Couch Surfer”. . .

Ori will be Michael’s guest on Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 starting at 6 pm ET.  You can listen to the show online, or call our hotline at (347) 843-4544 to ask a question or join the conversation.

Ori has traveled extensively around the USA and the world for 6 years, mostly “crashing on people’s couches” while sharing and learning from these same  business and industry leaders and others.  Mr. Bengal has been on couches owned by Internet marketing experts, business owners and mavens, as well as other “people of interest” like artists, mud wrestlers, social media experts, UFC cage fighters, singers, and hundreds of others. Ori Bengal is an eccentric entrepreneur who pursues his passions and strives to live a full life, helping others while gaining valuable knowledge and experience.

Ori was also Michael’s FIRST guest on Logical Soul Talk – back in April of 2009.  This is his 3rd visit to the show, and its always a good one, considering you’ll never know what amazing story to expect from him.  So, don’t miss this interview!

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In 2007, Dean & Founder, Gina Gaudio-Graves, experienced what she calls her “Miraculous Transformation” which allowed her to recover from a life threatening illness.  Prior to that, Gina had been one of the internet’s most successful Joint Venture Brokers, organizing joint ventures for people such as Shawn Casey, Russel Brunson, David Garfinkel, Willie Crawford, and many others. She will be Dr. Craig’s guest on Tuesday July 17th, 2012 at 6 pm ET. Listen to the show online or call the show hotline at 347-843-4544 and press 1 to raise your hand to ask a question or join the conversation.

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Gina Gaudio-Graves

But after experiencing her miraculous transformation, Gina really saw just how precious every second of life really is.  She realized that she had been given a gift that she felt strongly about repaying.  She knew that if she was ever to repay her debt, she had to make a difference for someone other than herself.

That’s when Gina decided to open the predecessor to Directions University – “The IM (Internet Marketing) University” — as a home for entrepreneurs interested in building businesses that will be successful for the long haul!

The IM University’s Programs included courses on “Finding Your Profitable Passion”, “Leaving a Legacy in Your Life”,Making a Difference Through Your Business” as well as more traditional internet marketing topics such as how to create info products, how to use social marketing, blogging with WordPress, and more.

The courses focused on 4 main areas:

1. Helping entrepreneurs get direction in their lives
2. Helping entreprenuers get direction for their businesses
3. Helping entrepreneurs give direction to their clients
4. Helping entrepreneurs change the direction of the world

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Joe and Michael

Joe and Michael

Joe Lavery speaks of his years on a Navy submarine as “great training for learning how to develop systems.”  He appears with Dr. Craig on Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, September 29, 2009 at 6 pm (ET) on Blog Talk Radio.

Now this young man is doing Internet Marketing with a passion.  His nickname “the Testing Freak” is rather appropriate since it combines his precise thinking with a rather oddball twist.  By testing and re-testing ad and copy conversions and thousands of other complicated marketing factors, Joe has become quite successful at this game.  He’s also been able to leverage his knowledge into ongoing partnerships with some of the best and richest Internet Marketing gurus on the planet.

His latest work Response Dynamite and Affiliate 180 programs use techniques that can only be described as “creative” to generate huge profits.  His “wicked sick” humor also adds to a unique method of teaching that draws large audiences worldwide.

After a brief stint in Atlanta – working with IM guru Matt Bacak – Joe has moved on to California for new opportunities and a new girlfriend.  I caught up with Joe at some of his appearances and asked him to come on the show to share his greatest successes and inspiring people, as well as some trials and tribulations along the way to his becoming a highly-sought-after Internet Marketing consultant.

I’ll also try to coax some valuable insider tricks out of Joe that you can use to to kick-start your online success!

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