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Gwen Mazer

Gwen Mazer is Michael Craig’s guest on Logical Soul Talk tomorrow (October 5th) at 6 pm ET (3 pm PT), and helps to kick off the show’s “Powerful Women Month” theme.

Ms. Mazer is quite a phenomenon.  She is an author, personal style consultant, speaker and workshop leader, and will share with Michael’s listeners some of the decisions and life forces that brought her to this level of success.

Her recent book, Wise Talk Wild Women, is a collection of intimate wise talk wild womenconversations with women of substance about life, love and lessons learned. They include philosopher Jean Houston, activist Dolores Huerta, journalist, Belva Davis philanthropist, Glady Thacher and poet Nikki Giovanni. The book brings a new dimension to growing in age in the 21st century.

Her Wild Women Community Workshops and Sunday Salon events provide an intimate setting for deeper exploration of the themes of the book. Her many lectures and presentations to organizations including The Junior League, The San Francisco Jewish Community Center, and the National Charity League help to confront stereotypes that society holds of women at midlife and beyond.

She has been featured in a wide variety of media including The New Yorker, Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily, ABC- Affiliate KGO, View From the Bay, The San Francisco Chronicle and the Tavis Smiley Show.

Recently, she was honored as a Literary Laureate by the Friends and Foundation of the San Francisco Public Library.

Style Consultant

Gwen was for many years a fashion editor and journalist for Harper’s Bazaar, where she created the original column, “Lifestyle” chronicling the lives of icons in the arts. She has written for a number of publications and was a fashion executive for major retail companies in the United States and Europe and Creative Director for Esprit. She founded her company called Total Image Management and has owned signature boutiques in New York and San Francisco.  Her clients have ranged from Wells Fargo Bank to Oprah Winfrey.

Ms. Mazer has served as chapter president of AICI the international professional image organization and was awarded the industry’s highest honor, and is currently working on a new book, All the Things You Know and Forgot.

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The “Santa Claus Theory of Reality” states that whenever you have a desire, you get a result.  This is what a lot of folks – particularly in New Age affirmation circles – believe.

Unless you are already established where you have a big staff working out all the details, however, the “Santa Claus Theory” has no teeth.  Depending on the strength of your innermost thoughts and desires, your results will either be

a)    strong and focused,  or

b)    weak and scattered.

If your Soul is in turmoil, your results will be also.  Conversely, if your Soul or Being is dynamic, strong and clear, the resulting thoughts, actions and achievements will be also dynamic, strong and clear.

Assuming you are strong and clear, your INSIDE (thoughts and desires) will naturally express itself through your ability to manifest OUTSIDE (Results). The process flows simply and directly from thought to action to fulfillment, and would look like the normal cycle below . . .

Normal Cycle of Manifestation (Congruent):

Thought —> Desire —> Intent —> Action —>

Results —> Fulfillment —> Thought (etc.)

This flow from Being and Thought to Action and Results has only two outcomes.  Either it

a)    lines up with our conscious DESIRE and INTENT, or

b)    fights it.

If both our inner (subconscious) desire/intent and external (conscious) desire/intent are in alignment with one another, I call them congruent.

Congruent intentions are ones that resonate positively on all levels:  mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  There comes an “inner knowing” that automatically translates into external results.  Successful people naturally have (or have developed) this power.

Incongruent intentions, on the other hand, create errors and self-sabotage. Mixed intentions simply fight one another and waste energy, life, and results.  There is no “inner knowing” since there is little connection between with the real source of one’s power and the ability to express it.  These folks – the vast majority of humans, by the way – stumble through life and are never able to quite “get it together.”

They remain unfulfilled . . .

Error Cycle of Manifestation (Incongruent):

Thought —> Desire + Hidden Decision —>

Mixed Intent —> Action w/Hidden Agenda —>

Stop Action or Self-Sabotage —> Un-Fulfillment —> (etc.)

A goal or statement that “speaks to your soul” is considered a congruent statement.  It provides a powerful basis for fulfillment of that same goal or statement.  Powerful thoughts naturally lead to powerful actions, achievements, and fulfillment.  Such is the nature of success.

The world of success is populated by those I consider “The Great Ones”: the Tiger Woodses, Tony Robbinses, David Schwartzes, Robert Kyosakis and Oprah Winfreys we all know and love.  It is a world where opposites co-exist: wealth and poverty, winning and losing; and health and sickness.  This world can reward you abundantly OR it can lead you to loss, fear and poverty IF you don’t know how it works.

The Great Ones have learned to navigate within this world effortlessly by becoming congruent or aligned with their real intent. They naturally focus on what they want and conceive of owning it right now, not months or years.  While it may take longer to physically arrive, the object of their intention has already manifested . . . much like ordering a gift item over the phone and giving them your credit card.  It is done.  Move on to the next item.

Once Tiger Woods dials up a Birdie on the fourth hole in Augusta, there’s little doubt he will get it!  When Tony Robbins chooses to have perfect health, he not only finds a way to bring it about, he enrolls thousands of other people into this idea as well!  Such is the raw power of congruent intent, or clear focus.

So how do the Great Ones “get congruent” and develop such focus?

In a word: Instinct.

Next: How to cultivate a “success instinct.”

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