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Raymond Aaron hits the nail on the head with this presentation. You can get much more information at



Starting 2010, I’m getting organized!!

How many of us made THAT resolution?  Probably more than a few.  But how many actually accomplished this task? (I only hear crickets . . .)

For once in a long time, I can actually say I cleaned up my desk, organized my files, and even got stuff done I’ve been putting off in my business for years . . . from just doing the steps outlined in Raymond Aarons’ program, The Monthly Mentor. It is a phenomenal program where he takes you from zero to happy in about 18 months! Right now he’s even offering his book for free – for just the cost of postage and handling.  Check it out.

Also – FYI – I recently ran across a program by Lance Tamashiro and Robert Plank, a couple of Internet marketing geniuses who also offer a structured program to dramatically increase your productivity and reduce overwhelm.  While I have not taken their program, I’ve heard Lance and Robert speak on occasion, and was duly impressed.  I’ve also heard other small business people who say they swear by these guys.

Their course – IM Productivity Secrets – is geared mostly to Internet Marketers, but can be extremely helpful for you if you own a small business.


Self-Sabotage and Time Management

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One of the biggest ways I sabotage myself – and maybe you do too – is through the sloppy use of time. Since time is the unit of measure used by most modern civilizations, the saying “time is money” has merit.

I’ll be the first to admit, however, that I find the concept of budgeting time like some bean counter in an accounting office frustratingly absurd.  I mean, whose time is it anyway?!!  If I want to waste a ton of it, so be it!!  Meetings?  Appointments?  Being prompt?  Forget it . . . I mean really…!

. . . Slam!

That was the sound of my customers, friends, and everyone else I come in contact with, leaving. Did I just sabotage my chances with doing business with them?  Getting to know them better?  Being of service to them – and them to me? You betcha.

Time Management Self-Sabotage

Time Management Self-Sabotage

Like it or not, time coordinates our activities and relationships on this planet.  While the dreaded timepiece (watch, clock, PDA, cell phone) is a constant reminder that we are “running out” of it, time also gives us the ability to rendezvous with friends and lovers, and create structure in our lives. Even our cavemen ancestors used it to measure the nights and days, seasons, and lifetimes. It was their connection to survival and to the gods.

Today we have that lovely invention – the computer – that thinks for us, remembers things for us, and does tons of work for us.  It also manages our time for us, right?

Wrong! While we may FEEL like we’re getting more done, our computers keep giving us more to do . . . consequently they WASTE more time than they save.

If you’re anything like me, you love your computer because it gives you the illusion that you can get a lot of things done at one time. It makes you feel powerful.  Productive.  All-seeing, all-knowing, and omnipresent, right?

The truth is your computer can only complete one task at a time . . . it just does it much faster than you can.

Don’t believe me?  Try this…

Open up as many programs as you can on your computer. What happens? It will come to a grinding halt and you will probably end up re-booting it and wondering what happened.

What happened is you proved that your computer sucks at multi-talking. The truth is it can only process a single instruction at a time.  It is an illusion to believe otherwise.

The same thing happens when you try to do too many projects at once. Like your all-knowing computer you, too, will crash and burn.

In the past, if you were to ask me what project I am working on, I would hem, haw, and throw out a laundry list of activities.   Recently, however, I have learned to focus and tell people the EXACT project I’m in.

I’ve also found that about 90% of people I come in contact with ALSO have that laundry list of projects they are working on.  This makes me a bit sad because I know the chances of them finishing any single one of those is almost non-existent.

Just as your computer comes to a grinding halt when you make it work on too many things, so will you.  You will simply end up frustrated, suffering from information overload and even worse… without a business that generates revenue. No product no revenue, right?

How much money are those TEN projects that are half finished making you? My guess is none.

Suggestion: Focus on ONE project that you can finish and create income or a cash flow.  Simply obliterate information overload TODAY and STOP the self-sabotage!!

If the time-wasting persists, you may have underlying hidden decisions that are dividing your priorities and causing the logjam.  Its easy enough to find out what these are, change the decisions, and get some focus back into your life.

Whatever you do, put the blinders on and decide in the next 5 minutes to take ONE course of action for the next 2-3 hours.  Then choose again.  Then again, etc.

Then rest. Your day is successfully completed.

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They say that you never forget how to ride a bicycle.  I guess “they” can add “Unicycling” to that list of unforgetable skills, because this 56-year-old guy apparently didn’t. 

Unicycle rideThe last time I rode a unicycle was before 1970, about 40 years ago.  I hung up my wheel after years of being labeled a weirdo and show off.  Since I don’t have any need to avoid such labels these days, I figured I’d make a go of it once again, especially since mentor Raymond Aaron gave me permission by publicly stating he was one of us weirdos.     

But this whole unicycle thing was harder than I thought.  First, I had to buy a new one because my old 24-inch Lizzie had (almost) breathed its last tire-breath.  A 29-inch one-eyed road warrior is my new ticket to adventure, and I wanted to take her out for a spin right away.  I had already made an outrageous goal of riding five miles before June 1st, and the month was almost over. 

The first thing I experienced after sharing my goal with Soma of riding the unicycle cornerCherohala Skyway on a unicycle next year was calmness.  Having spent years using the Logical Soul technique to process through all my “stuff” such as low self-esteem, fear, procrastination and other forms of self-sabotage, I felt really confident making such a bold declaration.  I know I can do it . . . and will! 

The first outing was unsensational, but rewarding.  Tuesday, May 19th I was able to keep my balance and tool on down the highway (in a local public park) with a minimum of spills.  One mile down, four to go.  So far so good. 

unicycle joyThe next day I did my second mile, although I started to feel my age on the uphill grades.  My wife Soma took these pics of me after a full day’s work on a a house renovation.  I slept well that night, despite some throbbing in the left knee. 

Two miles down, three to go…

I worked a full day on Friday, then came home and hopped on my unicycle in front of my house, just to ride to the corner of the block as I did the first day. 

Big mistake.  I immediately felt wobbly and crashed after only 200 feet downDown the Road the road, plowing my head into the asphalt.  It was REALLY good I had my helmet on . . . a blow like that would have sent me to the hospital for sure!

Needless to say, I didn’t continue the ride.  I figured out that a state of exhaustion where I can barely walk is not the best time to do a rolling balancing act!  Besides, I had quite a headache afterwards and decided to wimp out and head for the showers. I’ve got another week to log three more miles. 

Unicycle Sunset


I’ll be better prepared this weekend. 

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