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Love and Money Summit 2010

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Dr. Brenda Wade is offering her second Love and Money Summit on September 2-5, 2010 over the Labor Day weekend in beautiful San Francisco! Here are some excerpts from the L&M Summit in Savannah last year in this exclusive unlisted video (don’t blink – you’ll miss me at the end):

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Michael Craig with Dr. Wade

Michael Craig with Dr. Wade

Dr. Brenda Wade has agreed to write the Foreword to the soon-to-be-published  The Logical Soul.

Dr. Wade is a clinical psychologist, a well-known television personality, and a popular public speaker who lectures widely across the country.  She is the relationship contributor for NBC’s Today Show, and heads up the Love and Money Summit that was first held in Savannah, Georgia last September.  I was one of the speakers at that event.

Dr. Wade reports that the Logical Soul™ sounds similar to some work she does, and wants to do a session soon, as well as write the Foreword. She also requested having me speak at some of her future workshops and seminars in California and elsewhere, and I readily agreed.

I also spoke with Brenda on the phone the day my Mom passed away, and she was very supportive and helpful in my time of sadness.  Its a great honor to know Dr. Wade, and I’m blessed to have her on our team!

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New Years are always special, but this one was particularly so to our family. Getting over the old year will take some doing.

Before the Big Apple dropped (or Big Peach if you’re in Atlanta), the 31st of December was memorable for its final Hurrah:  the full Moon – a Blue Moon – crowds gathered at Pigeon Forge, TN and Gatlinburg for the fireworks, and all sorts of stuff happening around the world that I had no clue about.

It was the last day on Earth for my mother, Barbara Weatherly.

My sister Page and I are still working through the end-of-life details, with help from our spouses and other family and friends.  Although I still attempt to put my thoughts in this blog, my other work has essentially ground to a halt.  Somehow it doesn’t matter right now – the emails, phone calls, publishing my book, and creating courses.  So please forgive me if I’m a bit slow on the uptake…

(L-R) Page, "Baboo," Brigitte and Michael

(L-R) Page, "Baboo," Brigitte and Michael

Barbara Weatherly’s funeral will be 11 am, Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 at Farrar Funeral Home in Dandridge, Tennessee. Obituary notices will be placed in newspapers in Dandridge and Savannah (her birthplace and home town).

After the funeral, Brigitte and I are headed back to Atlanta, and back to “normal” life.  It will not, however, be business as usual.

During the time I spent with my mother, I got real clear about my purpose on this planet:  to write and teach what I know.  And what I know is the Logical Soul(tm) and how to share that with others.

I also received the gift of a deep motivation to carry out this purpose, no matter what. Apparently I had a hidden decision to never put traction to my goals and dreams.  Consequently, no matter how hard I worked, the results were not forthcoming.

Thanks to Mom, my life is again transformed.

Flippantly (and drunkenly) making just another New year’s resolution is usually a waste of time.  Most of these resolutions are merely wishes.  Unless you are able to tap into and use deep emotional experiences like birth or death, hidden decisions will not change.

Use your so-called tragedies (or celebration in the case of a new birth).  I used the event of my Mom’s death to visualize and commit to a life I wanted for myself and others but have not been able to thus far materialize.

A commitment to a dying loved one is powerful.  The combined force of deep yearning and sadness coupled with a new commitment (i.e., decision) gives anyone an ability to bore a hole through all obstacles.

So thanks again Mom; I won’t let you down.  Stay tuned for some exciting energy coming from yours truly!


Memories of Mother

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"Baboo" Weatherly

"Baboo" Weatherly

My mother is dying.

She’s been in a nursing home (Pigeon Forge Rehabilitation Center) for the past six months, and has taken a turn for the worst since Christmas.  She has stopped eating and may not live to see the New Year.

Obviously I’m grieving over this eminent loss, and wanted to get out a few words about her before I might lose the urge to say anything . . .

Barbara Cannon Weatherly McWaters (a.k.a. “Baboo”) was born March 27, 1927 in Savannah, Georgia, and has lived a full life.  She married my father Earl Weatherly (1921-1990), raised two wonderful kids, and found the time to become one of the premier artists in Savannah during the 1960’s and 70’s.  She loved painting “hard edge” abstract painting,s but also did portraits to earn some extra cash.  She was one of the original founding members of Gallery 209 on River Street in Savannah.

She married Roy McWaters (d. 2002)  in 1993 and moved to Tennessee to be close to my sister Page and her two grandkids,  Christopher and Patrick.


I just wanted to share this with my followers and friends to ask for your prayers and thoughts.  There is nothing more you need do.  Thanks just for being there.

If my postings are missing, a little aimless, or sporadic over the next few days and weeks, you’ll know why.

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Drs. Craig & Wade

Drs. Craig & Wade

I had the rare privilege to be invited as a speaker to Dr. Wade’s Love and Money Summit in Savannah, Georgia over the Labor Day weekend. While expecting the crowd to be mostly adult entrepreneurs and business people, it turned out instead an opportunity to be a mentor to some very special kids from New Orleans! 

These Katrina survivor students (from the Fashion Lab) had used their passion for fashion to pursue career advice from the best and brightest stars in health, finance, wellness, love and money.  That weekend offer enrichment possibilities to all the kids, but more surprisingly, mostly to the speakers themselves!   Each of us had a chance to interact and share our knowledge and experience with bright eyes and eager ears, and walked away with memories we and the kids shall always cherish.MC&Kevin
Catch more pictures of the speakers and Savannah at Michael’s Facebook Wall:
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Hi, my name is Michael and I’m a Recovering Unicyclist . . .

Old UnicycleWhile it sounds like some disease, its actually not.  I recently discovered that Unicycling is HOT these days – sort of like off-road biking became back in the 1980’s.  And the good news is I already knew how to ride . . . actually since I was a budding teenager in 1965!

But I had not been on one in over four decades.  Although I still had my old one, the seat was torn up and the wheel was flat – not exactly in mint riding condition (see pic on left).


So I set out to see if I could repair the old Lizzie.  Walking into the Marietta, UnicyclesGeorgia store of was like stepping into some ancient brain cells that I’d tucked away for 40 years and just dragged out.  I felt like I could finally come “out of the closet” and tell everyone the truth.  I was delighted to discover there were OTHER weird people out there just like me!

Long story short…

My father (actually Santa Claus) gave me a unicycle on Christmas Day of 1962.  I was a little tyke, not prone to ride such strange contraptions.  That changed when I turned 13 and decided to risk life and limb and either ride the darn thing or die trying.  After two weeks of scraped ankles and bruised legs and wrists, I finally rode . . . and soon got hooked.

What a thrill!  This was a skill that very few people had at the time (and still don’t) and I really reveled in being able to explore new places throughout my neighborhood in the city of Savannah, Georgia.  I even learned to climb steps and do a few other tricks and felt more at home on my “Uni” than I did on  bike. 

But along with special skills come special problems.  My Dad, you see, became head of the 1965 Arts Festival in Savannah, and I used to love riding around downtown . . . that is until one day he told me to “stop showing off.”  I guess he felt embarrassed by people’s comments and didn’t want to have to explain why his son acted like some circus clown.   

Whatever.  Deep down I was hurt, but did as he requested.  My enthusiasm became suddenly dampened and I rode very little after that. 

Fast forward to 2009.  After learning that my mentor, Raymond Aaron of was a unicyclist, I had a sudden urge to take it up again.  I never threw out my old unicycle, and always thought I’d give it to some kid someday – a day that never came since no kid I know wanted it.  So I set a goal to ride the 43-mile Cherohala Skyway between Tellico Plains, Tennessee and Robbinsville, North Carolina by the end of next Spring.  To do that, I needed a workable cycle and some practice! 

Josh TorransWhen I called the Unicycle shop, I talked to Josh Torrans and learned more about unicycles than I had known the entire 6 years of riding them.  After convincing me I would suffer mightily trying to cross the mountains on my little 24-inch rust bucket, he invited me to try some other models at his store.  

I went there today, and must say I had a great time!  I could actually ride the same size (24″) in a newer model, the 29-inch, and even the 36-inch “road warrior” used by tour riders.  I was again hooked.

OK, Josh, you got me.  Here’s my $300 bucks plus $30 for that weird riding helmet . . . (we didn’t need no steenking helmets in 1965!!)  Now all I need to do is practice. 

Oh, by the way, here is a picture New Unicycleof my NEW Uni – the one I will get to know intimately over the next year…

Anybody up for a little Unicycling ?

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming blogs.  I’ll probably even have a video camera with me during some trainings so you can laugh when I fall and break my 57-year-old toucous…

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