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michael craigI will again be at the microphone today (August 9, 2011, 6 pm ET) for the  8th Show in a 10-part series continuation of the Logical Soul Talk Summer Call-in Series.

This is where you get to call in and talk about Wealth, Health, Love, New World Order Conspiracies, or the first steps of your newest kid or grand-kid.  I’m hip to anything you care to share  (although it would be nice if your subject matter revolved mostly around Self-help).    See further details in my previous blog post.

See you there!

– Michael

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logical soul talkTune in tomorrow (Tuesday, June 28, 2011) on Logical Soul Talk, for the SECOND show of a 10-part series where I accept ALL CALLS to cover anything you want to talk about related to wealth, success, self-help and self-growth.

money matrix methodI can also do a Logical Soul or Money Matrix Method session with you – live on the air!  Call in at 347-843-4544 and press”1? to raise your hand to be called on, or just listen to the live podcast stream, or catch it later as a recorded session.

If there are no calls, I will reveal some important tips on How to Generate Success “from Within” as well as give some valuable – and practical – tips for growing a small business.  This is your chance to MOVE THROUGH ALL BARRIERS that may be blocking your wealth success, personal growth, health or relationship happiness!

BUT REMEMBER: I can only take one or two calls during these 30-minute shows, so be the first in line by calling in early!   Don’t miss this opportunity to learn some real success mastery tips, and/or be a case study for free on the show!!

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Helen Georgaklis

Helen Georgaklis

Helen Georgaklis is the Founder & creator of The 99 Book Series, the series that has been described as “the new guide books of the 21st century”. Ms. Georgaklis is also a speaker at the upcoming Love & Money Summit in San Francisco this December 9-12, and  is Michael Craig’s guest on Logical Soul Talk today (Tuesday) at 6 pm ET.

Listen online at or call into the show hotline at (347) 843-4544 to ask Helen a question or just listen to the interview.

Ms. Georgaklis is a long-time financial advisor and a lifestyle coach to hundreds of women.  She has over 20 years experience working with women, and hosts workshops and one-on-ones to help them understand money and personal finance.  Under her tutelage, women discover how they treat money, determine why they may have an unhealthy relationship with it, and most importantly, begin to see themselves as valuable beings who deserve richness and fulfillment in their lives.

Helen is leading the way in taking today’s self-help books and compiling them into brief easy-to-read, easy-to-access, pocket guidebooks. The collection of the 99 Book Series® is described as “not just a book series, but a one-stop-shop of self-help guides.” The series covers various self-help areas such as health, relationships, money, and spirituality.

The series began with a book Georgaklis wrote called simply 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before® Hitting Retirement. In it, she lists the 99 most important points about retirement and pre-retirement errors that can damage your chances of living a comfortable retirement. She states, “While this book has been written with women in mind, men too will find it helpful and informative. Both men and women need to understand that they can enjoy a comfortable retirement with a little bit of forethought and planning.”

Join Michael on Tuesday at 6 for this important interview!

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Self-Help Made Simple!Tomorrow on Logical Soul Talk, Michael’s special guest will be Helen Georgaklis, founder and creator of The 99 Series on self-help.  Listen online or call into the hotline at (347) 843-4544 to join the conversation!

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Raymond Aaron

Raymond Aaron

What is “Self Help” anyway?

Is it a way to get slimmer?  Stronger? Smarter? Or Richer?  Or is self help actually that persistent yearning we have for our Soul?

When I first learned that Raymond Aaron walked to the North Pole, I was mightily impressed.  When I listened further and heard the story of how he trudged over 350 miles across polar bear-infested snowdrifts pulling a heavy sled with supplies . . . and won the race as a 62-year-old(!) I about fell out of my chair!

“Now” I mused, “that may not be much self help for the body, what it does for the SOUL is immeasurable!”

I knew then and there I had much to learn from him.  Needless to say, I immediately signed up for his Monthly Mentor Program, STOPPED procrastinating, and started accomplishing some amazing things.  I set up my blog, finished my book, started a radio program,and started riding a UNICYCLE after quitting over 40 years ago!!

. . . and I still have much yet to accomplish!  Thanks to Raymond Aaron.

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What makes us do things that we KNOW are irresponsible, counterproductive and just plain stupid?  What makes us do these things even during the process of thinking inside, “You know, this is reallystupid”??

I call it the “Default Setting” of human irrationality.  Duke University professor Dan Ariely, in his recent book Predictably Irrational, demonstrates how and why we are prompted to do things during certain times that we would never even think of during others.    He gives countless examples in the book – one major theme is that men and women who are aroused sexually make on-the-spot decisions about certain sex acts they would never consider otherwise.  

Other times, according to Ariely, we continue to present a mixed persona to the world around us, much the same way as Dr. Jekyl became Mr. Hyde, then tried to cover up the transformation as best he could.  An honest person, when presented with an option to make a lot of money, will often engage in (and try to hide) his or her actions even if it ends up hurting him or others.  If so, a quick justification usually solves the problem for the moment.  If the end result is that no one notices and the money comes, we are further prompted to continue the same activity, setting ourselves up for a lifelong habit – and eventual fall.  

Self-sabotage is the use of inner justification to engage in activities that hurt the one doing the action.  If I want to get a nice job and wear a clown mask to the interview, I could be labeled a career saboteur.  However, if I only did the interview to please my overbearing father and had no intention of working for this company,  the action takes on a different light. 

The key is openness with our own intentions.  As long as we silently engage in the acts of pleasing or helping others at our own expense, sabotage will usually creep in.  Learning to say “no” is the cure for this ailment, and it can even be done diplomatically and effectively.

But what about the sabotage we experience that seemingly comes out of nowhere?  The “Why did I do THAT”  syndrome…??  There are many times when self-sabotage is not obvious until the damage is done.  In these cases, a deeper understaning of motivation is required.  

Hidden decisions are the basis for our default action settings.  They come as a result of decisions made during key moments in our lives – when we were prompted or “nudged” to choose one response to events over another.  Emotion usually plays a big part, and these actions are often tied in with cultural norms and behaviors.  

For example, a man who was emotionally abused as a child may have made the decision to hate those in authority and fight them at every turn.  Another who experienced the same thing may have decided that action is futile and he needs to give up all hope of happiness or success. While abuse may seem like the exception, it is unfortunatly not.  All of us – at one time or another – have experienced a frustration to our perceptions about how the world should be . . . and how it actually is.  

Abuse does not mean physical or emotional beatings.  If could also pertain to the withholding of something cherished or desired.  When in high school, to use a personal example, I really wanted to accompany some classmates to Costa Rica for the summer, but my parents could not afford to send me.  The decisions I made about money – or the lack therof – formed my expectations as an adult that money and exotic experiences were hard to come by.  While I eventually (and fortunately) made a NEW decision later in life, many don’t.  They continue operating on the old default settings without knowing it could be different.       

Self-sabotage is present in our everyday thoughts, beliefs and personal paradigms.  We see the world through colored glasses and operate as if it is that way for everyone.  Take off the glasses.  See the world as it really IS, knowing full well that new decisions about the world can be made any time.  It will take some courage to look at our own “stuff” – and the “stuff” given us by our ancestors and culture – but the end result is dynamic energy, happiness, abundance and love.  

Is it worth it?  I vote yes.  

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