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Sabotaging Your Home Business?

Business Self-Sabotage

There are 9 fundamental ways we can sabotage our business success . . . BEFORE we even open our doors or put up our website!!  Do you know what they are?  If not, be sure to tune in to Logical Soul Talk tonight on Blog Talk Radio at 6 pm ET and call in your questions at (347) 843-4544.

During the show I will also describe how we can’t even HELP ourselves, i.e., its not some insidious “evil plot” we have to overthrow success, or to fail.  We simply cannot see what we have devised – and how it plays out in our lives – until its too late.

The first fundamental way is how we view the world.  This is called our “Worldview” or “Paradigm.” How our worldview is shaped pretty much determines the decisions we make, how we make them, and the results we expect from our actions. This way is also governed by our upbringing, and influences from our parents, teachers, and even our ancestors and DNA.

For example, we may consciously choose to play WIN-WIN in all our dealings with others, believing this is the way responsible citizens of the world behave.  Inside, however, our limbic system – or animal brain – is insisting on fighting every rival for attention or anyone it deems to be threatening the status quo, or ego.  This paradox will set off a chain of events that result in failure.  Meanwhile, the mind refuses to let go of its idealism and suffers disappointment and failure becomes a pattern.

This is one pattern of one of the ways we sabotage our businesses.  Tune in to hear the rest at 6 pm ET!!

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How to Self Test for Truth

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Muscle testing, sometimes called applied kinesiology, is a fast way to determine the reaction of the subconscious mind and body to any particular stimulus.  It is the simplest – and cheapest – form of bio-feedback available.

If a toxic or negative stimulus is introduced, or held within the energy field of the person, a notable weakness can often be induced from a formerly-strong muscle.  This technique is most commonly used by doctors and therapists to test the beneficial – or harmful – effects on the body by substances such as food, vitamins or supplements.

As a chiropractor, I used this technique with patients for many years as both a diagnostic and treatment tool.

In the Logical Soul(tm) technique, however, I use muscle testing as a way to test affirmations and statements.  Using the simple YES/NO feedback, I can quickly determine whether or not there are hidden decisions that are sabotaging my results.  In the video below, I will demonstrate a simple way to test your own statements for either truth or self-sabotage:

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Logical Soul Meetup Tonight

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Serenity LakesThe fourth meeting of the Logical Soul for Atlanta Entrepreneurs Meetup is tonight (Wednesday, May 12th) at the Serenity Lakes Wellness Center in Lawrenceville, GA. The topic is “The 9 Fundamental Ways You Sabotage Your Small or Home-Based Business” presented by Michael Craig.

There is no charge for this meeting and everyone in the Atlanta area is cordially invited.

Directions may be found on Serenity Lakes’ website. The entrance sign is on the right, just past the Jilly Mart on Club Drive, and the driveway is about 50 feet from the sign but is hard to see.  Call 678-924-6868 if you get lost.

Networking begins at 7 pm, and the meetup starts at 7:30 pm and will end at 9.  You may come and bring friends, but please RSVP on the Meetup website at

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Information Overload  Tip: IGNORE Massive Action Advice!

You probably have heard your favorite success or Internet Marketing guru tell you to take “massive action” or some variation of that advice.

They tell you to have written goals, clear goals, then take massive action along the path to getting there.  And they are right: it still amazes me that most people stumble through life with little self-direction, preferring instead that life throw a bunch of problems at them…

So, if you are anything like me (i.e., goal-directed), you do everything you can to follow their advice and TAKE that “massive action . . . because, after all, they ARE successful, right?

Information Overload

Information Overload?

The problem is that most of us are VERY UNSKILLED at taking massive action.  Trying then leads to confusion, loss of productivity, lack of focus and LOTS of stress and self-sabotage.  While its great to have specific goals, too many at once can lead to instant burnout.

I found it pays to just take ONE STEP at a time!

I make a small list everyday of items that I can accomplish.  Even if it is a single item.  I write it down in my Day-Timer (yes, I still use them) and do my best to get it done.  If I don’t, I write it again on the next day’s page – or whenever I feel I can best get to it.

Even if you do only 4 small,  tangible action items each day, you can accomplish miracles.  By tracking your progress weekly and monthly, you will be excited about your goal and what you have accomplished.

The strange thing about this simple technique is that it “quiets” my mind.  When I am working on a task, I don’t worry about all of the other things that need to get done. I can put all of my focus into that one task and be positive that whatever I am doing is something that will move my business one step closer to my goal.

Something that is often overlooked (I know I did) is the importance of time management skills for entrepreneurs.

Remember, Self-sabotage can be disastrous if you are the only “self” in the company! Learn to minimize it, and live your success!

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Self-Sabotage and Time Management

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One of the biggest ways I sabotage myself – and maybe you do too – is through the sloppy use of time. Since time is the unit of measure used by most modern civilizations, the saying “time is money” has merit.

I’ll be the first to admit, however, that I find the concept of budgeting time like some bean counter in an accounting office frustratingly absurd.  I mean, whose time is it anyway?!!  If I want to waste a ton of it, so be it!!  Meetings?  Appointments?  Being prompt?  Forget it . . . I mean really…!

. . . Slam!

That was the sound of my customers, friends, and everyone else I come in contact with, leaving. Did I just sabotage my chances with doing business with them?  Getting to know them better?  Being of service to them – and them to me? You betcha.

Time Management Self-Sabotage

Time Management Self-Sabotage

Like it or not, time coordinates our activities and relationships on this planet.  While the dreaded timepiece (watch, clock, PDA, cell phone) is a constant reminder that we are “running out” of it, time also gives us the ability to rendezvous with friends and lovers, and create structure in our lives. Even our cavemen ancestors used it to measure the nights and days, seasons, and lifetimes. It was their connection to survival and to the gods.

Today we have that lovely invention – the computer – that thinks for us, remembers things for us, and does tons of work for us.  It also manages our time for us, right?

Wrong! While we may FEEL like we’re getting more done, our computers keep giving us more to do . . . consequently they WASTE more time than they save.

If you’re anything like me, you love your computer because it gives you the illusion that you can get a lot of things done at one time. It makes you feel powerful.  Productive.  All-seeing, all-knowing, and omnipresent, right?

The truth is your computer can only complete one task at a time . . . it just does it much faster than you can.

Don’t believe me?  Try this…

Open up as many programs as you can on your computer. What happens? It will come to a grinding halt and you will probably end up re-booting it and wondering what happened.

What happened is you proved that your computer sucks at multi-talking. The truth is it can only process a single instruction at a time.  It is an illusion to believe otherwise.

The same thing happens when you try to do too many projects at once. Like your all-knowing computer you, too, will crash and burn.

In the past, if you were to ask me what project I am working on, I would hem, haw, and throw out a laundry list of activities.   Recently, however, I have learned to focus and tell people the EXACT project I’m in.

I’ve also found that about 90% of people I come in contact with ALSO have that laundry list of projects they are working on.  This makes me a bit sad because I know the chances of them finishing any single one of those is almost non-existent.

Just as your computer comes to a grinding halt when you make it work on too many things, so will you.  You will simply end up frustrated, suffering from information overload and even worse… without a business that generates revenue. No product no revenue, right?

How much money are those TEN projects that are half finished making you? My guess is none.

Suggestion: Focus on ONE project that you can finish and create income or a cash flow.  Simply obliterate information overload TODAY and STOP the self-sabotage!!

If the time-wasting persists, you may have underlying hidden decisions that are dividing your priorities and causing the logjam.  Its easy enough to find out what these are, change the decisions, and get some focus back into your life.

Whatever you do, put the blinders on and decide in the next 5 minutes to take ONE course of action for the next 2-3 hours.  Then choose again.  Then again, etc.

Then rest. Your day is successfully completed.

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Self-Sabotage and Anxiety

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Anxiety Self-Sabotage

Anxiety Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotage manifests itself in different ways. One of those ways is through general anxiety and panic attacks. Symptoms are many and varied:

Ever feel frustrated and overwhelmed to the point of losing your breath?  Ever have a feeling like the world is crashing in around you and there’s nothing you can do?   Do these symptoms carry over into your business, work and relationships, causing things to blow up or fall apart?

You’re not alone.

Sudden anxiety – and the so-called panic attacks – are based on organic decisions that boil down to (believe it or not) our instinct to survive. Fears like fear of falling and of loud noises came about, in part, because they were related to causes of death, pain and suffering on the part of our ancestors.  Fears like these were encoded into our DNA, and are hard to shake.  Professor Walter B. Cannon in the 1920’s referred to this as the “fight or flight” syndrome – a tendency to either run away or fight when faced with danger.

While the hard-wired fear of falling and loud noises may be there, our conscious minds play a part in that we create stories and make up stuff that may or may not be true – but are related, in part, to our hard-wired fears.  We may be about to lose our jobs or marriage, for example, and this feels like  falling.  Although there is no immediate danger, our survival instinct kicks in as if there were.

No matter how rational we might want to be, our subconscious memories continue to touch the live-wires called our DNA, nervous system, and endocrine system.  Once triggered, our body reacts as in a real emergency and shuts down all but the most essential survival functions.  If this happens enough, we become “stuck” in this pattern and our organs,  systems – and our potential for happiness – burn out quickly.

Anxiety can be channeled, however, by using a few simple steps.  Through conscious awareness, energies that surge through the body that cause the heart to race and palms to get sweaty can also create the opposite effect.  Techniques like meditation, Logical Soul(tm), and Panic Away can stop the panic and bring calmness and peace back to the body and mind.

Anxiety can effectively destroy any or all aspects of your life and happiness.  Take care of rampant “fight or flight” reactions, and your full potential for life and happiness return.

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Self-Sabotage and Money Issues

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Sunset in Key West:  Happier Times

Sunset in Key West: Happier Times?

I just found out I lied to my wife about money, and I really feel sick about it!

It wouldn’t be so bad, except that I see myself as this stand-up guy just dripping with integrity . . . (OK, that may sound a bit much, but something like that anyway).

Many months ago, my wife (the one with the real job) paid off a credit card debt and I promised that I wouldn’t generate more.  At the time, I fully intended to keep that promise.    In reality, I didn’t; I wrote a check on a line of credit we had in order to cover some (what I considered to be necessary) bills without consulting with her.  This was such a classic no-no that I even blocked the previous promise I made out of my memory!  I simply forgot my promise!!

My (not-so) evil twin (low self) apparently had made a hidden decision that our primary objective was to keep the bills paid.  The consequences are that I lost my feeling of integrity.  Now both I and my (no so) evil twin feel terrible; sick to my stomach, like my stomach just filled with bile . . .

As another consequence of this action, I made another promise to Brigitte to attend Debtors Anonymous meetings on a regular basis and we both signed up for Dave Ramsey classes, i.e., Financial Peace University. I want to strongly address this personal blind spot on a recurring basis in order to change the unconscious behavior pattern.

I also had a heart-to-heart talk with my Ku (lower self, in charge of memory) and asked him to support me in this new decision.  Muscle testing confirmed he agrees, and the program has been reset.

I hope to report back to you with better news as time goes on.

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The new year is upon us, and the “resolution bug” bites us with the promise of glorious health, grand riches, and perfect relationships.  Then, sometime before March, reality sets in.

You wanted to lose that 20 pounds, get the ideal job, find the perfect life mate, and get out of debt.  But somehow progress is slow or nonexistent, and before you know it, Thanksgiving arrives and you have nothing to show for your (by now) forgotten resolutions.

Why is this?  Why do we sabotage ourselves? Why does self-sabotage slowly ruin our best-laid plans?? Is it laziness?  Partly.  Lack of willpower?  Might be.  Forces beyond our control?  Could be.

The main culprit, however, is far more subtle and powerful than we could imagine.   This culprit?  . . . . a second “self.”

That’s right.  There is another “self” in there with you! While your so-called ego self is the one who speaks and makes logical decisions (and resolutions), it is powerless without its twin, the inner self.

This inner self (or force) was even given a name by the ancients:  Ka by the Egyptians, Chi by the Chinese, Ki by Japanese, and Ku or Unihipili by the Hawaiian Kahunas. They speak of this self as one who does not speak, but embodies the senses, memory, and driving force required to accomplish anything.

strokebookEven modern brain scientists understand the profound impact of this  silent self.  Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD wrote in her book My Stroke of Insight how her own stroke experience revealed the power of her right brain, and that this entity exhibited, in her words, “different values” than those of her left brain self.

I’ve discovered that we can apply Newton’s Third Law of Motion to relationships with other people . . . and with our hidden self!  This Law states that  for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

By ignoring the integrity of this being, i.e., NOT treating this being as a separate and distinct self,  we westerners are missing half (or more) of our ability to accomplish our goals and dreams.  So long as we try to program, hypnotize, manipulate, or otherwise control “our subconscious,” it will just fight back.

This self knows ALL our tricks, remember?   The “equal and opposite reaction” is this:  the more we ignore this being and try to reach our goals without his or her support, the less certain we will succeed.

So long as we see ourselves as “individuals,” i.e., undivided beings, we will continue to buy into the illusion that this hidden self is really only a part of what we consider “us,” and has no abilities outside of what we “program” it to do!

Begin to speak the language of your hidden self and you can begin to influence its behavior.  Find out what he/she needs, then act to give that.  Otherwise, you will always be a “victim” of self-sabotage since this hidden self is not on board with your wishes!

The “Santa Claus Theory of Reality” states that whenever you have a desire, you get a result.  This is what a lot of folks – particularly in New Age affirmation circles – believe.

Unless you are already established where you have a big staff working out all the details, however, the “Santa Claus Theory” has no teeth.  Depending on the strength of your innermost thoughts and desires, your results will either be

a)    strong and focused,  or

b)    weak and scattered.

If your Soul is in turmoil, your results will be also.  Conversely, if your Soul or Being is dynamic, strong and clear, the resulting thoughts, actions and achievements will be also dynamic, strong and clear.

Assuming you are strong and clear, your INSIDE (thoughts and desires) will naturally express itself through your ability to manifest OUTSIDE (Results). The process flows simply and directly from thought to action to fulfillment, and would look like the normal cycle below . . .

Normal Cycle of Manifestation (Congruent):

Thought —> Desire —> Intent —> Action —>

Results —> Fulfillment —> Thought (etc.)

This flow from Being and Thought to Action and Results has only two outcomes.  Either it

a)    lines up with our conscious DESIRE and INTENT, or

b)    fights it.

If both our inner (subconscious) desire/intent and external (conscious) desire/intent are in alignment with one another, I call them congruent.

Congruent intentions are ones that resonate positively on all levels:  mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  There comes an “inner knowing” that automatically translates into external results.  Successful people naturally have (or have developed) this power.

Incongruent intentions, on the other hand, create errors and self-sabotage. Mixed intentions simply fight one another and waste energy, life, and results.  There is no “inner knowing” since there is little connection between with the real source of one’s power and the ability to express it.  These folks – the vast majority of humans, by the way – stumble through life and are never able to quite “get it together.”

They remain unfulfilled . . .

Error Cycle of Manifestation (Incongruent):

Thought —> Desire + Hidden Decision —>

Mixed Intent —> Action w/Hidden Agenda —>

Stop Action or Self-Sabotage —> Un-Fulfillment —> (etc.)

A goal or statement that “speaks to your soul” is considered a congruent statement.  It provides a powerful basis for fulfillment of that same goal or statement.  Powerful thoughts naturally lead to powerful actions, achievements, and fulfillment.  Such is the nature of success.

The world of success is populated by those I consider “The Great Ones”: the Tiger Woodses, Tony Robbinses, David Schwartzes, Robert Kyosakis and Oprah Winfreys we all know and love.  It is a world where opposites co-exist: wealth and poverty, winning and losing; and health and sickness.  This world can reward you abundantly OR it can lead you to loss, fear and poverty IF you don’t know how it works.

The Great Ones have learned to navigate within this world effortlessly by becoming congruent or aligned with their real intent. They naturally focus on what they want and conceive of owning it right now, not months or years.  While it may take longer to physically arrive, the object of their intention has already manifested . . . much like ordering a gift item over the phone and giving them your credit card.  It is done.  Move on to the next item.

Once Tiger Woods dials up a Birdie on the fourth hole in Augusta, there’s little doubt he will get it!  When Tony Robbins chooses to have perfect health, he not only finds a way to bring it about, he enrolls thousands of other people into this idea as well!  Such is the raw power of congruent intent, or clear focus.

So how do the Great Ones “get congruent” and develop such focus?

In a word: Instinct.

Next: How to cultivate a “success instinct.”

The practice of the Logical SoulTM owes a great debt to Huna. When I first began to experiment with the body as a separate entity or being, instead of merely  as the subconscious, I began to get answers I never got before.  Some mysterious force was yearning to reveal its secrets to one who would actually listen.

In my previous blog, I discussed the role of the three selves in either helping – or sabotaging – our so-called “individual self.”  The so-called “low self” (or “Ku”) is in charge of these hidden decisions, and whether or not to support action on conscious decisions that affect them.

Suddenly it all began to make sense:  the body and memory all lie within the realm of the Ku. I therefore addressed the Ku as a separate and unique being, and allowed it to respond to me as such.  Over time I was then informed that the Ku is more than willing to accommodate ANY command by the conscious mind, so long as that command does NOT run counter to a previous command already in place.

This is because the low self will pray to the high self (“Uhane” or “Aumakua”) for only those things it has been directed “ with the greatest intent and force of emotion “ to pray for.  The conscious mind/middle self (“Kane”) only has a say-so when it is clear and does not contradict itself, now or from past instructions.  And remember, the Ku never forgets a command!

I liken this whole process to riding a whale. A whale (High Self) has its own consciousness; its own power, and obeys command instructions given by the riders – the middle and low selves.  Both you and your Ku are riding this whale, but only the Ku (low self) has the power to direct this whale, based on your conscious instructions.

whaleAnd the whale doesn’t care.  It will go anywhere it is directed.

If (and when) you gave the Ku (and subsequently the whale) specific and powerful directions very early in the journey, i.e., as a small child, this then became the whale’s prime directive. All subsequent directions would also be followed “ so long as the prime directive was not opposed.

In other words, we are like little beings riding on top of this whale. We tap it over here and tell it to go over here, then tap there to go in a different direction.  So long as there’s no conflict, that whale will gladly go in that direction.

If there is a conflict, i.e., if there is a strong prime directive to go in another direction, the Ku will direct this whale in that direction instead, regardless of our conscious wishes, hopes and fears.

That’s how and why goal-to-action conflicts arise. We are œriding this whale – in essence, a very large and powerful being that is determined to take us where we originally told it to go.  While only the middle self or conscious mind can make decisions, the Ku controls the direction AND is not listening! Based on its memory of the original prime directive, the Ku stays the course.

If we want or need to change that directive, we must have the right Access and Tools. We must develop the ability to communicate to the Ku and get access to earlier decisions or directives.  Only then will we be able to re-direct the whale.

The Logical SoulTM process is about getting access to that decision that both the Ku and Aumakua see as their prime directive.  Their outcome is set.  How do you know what this is?  Simple; it’s where you are right now!

In essence, where you ARE is based on the decisions that you’ve made; ancient decisions; hidden decisions that you have made that have led you to this point.  To be able to change those decisions, something very deep has to take place “ communication with that being the Kahunas call the Ku or Low Self.  Only he has access to that œwhale, our source of power.

We have to be able to say œLook, you know, we’re, like, heading over the precipice. Can we, like, change directions a little??  The whale will not do this just on a whim.  It will not do what you say just because you say so.  It will, however, listen to the Ku when this being becomes convinced there’s something at stake – something that relates to his original prime directive.

And that something is your œinner child or memory of the one whose decision set this whale on its original path, i.e.

The one who made the original decision

is the only one who can change the decision.

So if this inner being is listening to your child when she was three years old, then it will also listen to this same child change the decision . . . if he is approached properly.

That’s the secret of Logical SoulTM. The key element is that we always go to the one who made the decision, get access to that event, to that person; allow them to change the decision, and then the prime directive transforms itself into a new decision.