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I made an “outrageous” goal to obtain and ride a unicycle 5 miles this month.  Good news… I just did my 4th mile without stopping, without falling, and without losing control! My first 3 were not so smoothe, so today was a major turning point for me. 

 unicycleMaybe my goal wasn’t so outrageous after all.  Or maybe I got a little crazy and actually believed I could do this.  Whatever the reason, these days I have a feeling inside that is strong and postive.  By getting clear of all the crap inside that blocks me from doing things, actually doing them has suddenly become a breeze! 

My goal is to be the oldest person ever to ride a unicycle across the entire length of the Cherohala Skyway in TN-NC.  Since I’ll probably be the first and only person so far to do this, I could probably name my own record! 

Basically, this just means going one mile at a time, for 43 miles, so it is definitely do-able.  I just need to learn how to navigate those darn hills and build up my stamina (significantly)!  My friend Hugh told me ther are three 9-degree inclines on this highway – rough going on two wheels, much less one!

But I have a year to get ready for this, so stay tuned.  Tomorrow I’ll go for the 5th and final mile, then maybe do a victory lap around Best Friend Park for all my curious new friends…

“Hey, look.  There’s that old guy on a unicycle again!” 

Sounds just right to me. 

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