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I just finished a great book called My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD (Viking Books, 2006).  Dr. Taylor was a 37-year old Harvard-trained brain scientist when she had a massive stroke in 1996 that damaged the entire left hemisphere of her brain.  

This is a unique story about a very rare event – a brain scientist having a brain breakdown and recovery, so Dr. Taylor has a very unqiue perspective on what this event means, and can compare it with what she knew before the stroke, compared with her direct experiences AFTER the stroke.  The findings are astounding. 

In the book she writes that it took over eight years to recover. With the help of dozens of caretakers she was eventually able to relearn everything she ever knew and “get back” some of what she had lost.    She also found she could discard much of what she knew before – in her “past life” that no longer served her, e.g., negative emotions and thoughts that damaged the sensitive circuitry of her wounded brain.   

Most of the book covers the different funtions of the right and left hemispheres.  The left is very judgmental and divise – its nature, of course.  The right brain, on the other hand, embraces universality, feelings, and a sense of ‘knowing that cannot be discerned by the other half.  

These observations fit almost exactly with the model the Hawaiian Kahunas described as the LOW SELF (Ku) and MIDDLE SELF (Uhane), and of course correlate with modern brain science.  What Dr. Taylor discovered as a so-called victim, however, was soemthign she said she could have NEVER learned as a scientist – that there is also a distinct difference in VALUES between the two hemispheres! (p. 133)

 If this is so – and she reports it is – then there are TWO FORCES within us, each striving for dominance on any given issue.  If the right brain wants to feel happiness, it may CHOOSE failure instead of success if it deems that a certain activity or job selected by the left brain is wrong. 

This is the basis of the SEED OF FAILURE – that someone with a strong SOF has equal parts left and right brain values that fight each other constantly.  While this might seem to be a hopeless situation, its not.  The Logical Soul(tm) techniques have the ability to synchronize these two parts of the brain and give you a certain peace in KNOWING that your goals, dreams and affirmations ARE in fact true for you. 

Present tense:  BE the goal you set for yourself and RESOLVE any hidden goal-to-action conflicts.  You are then on your way to true success. 

– Michael Craig

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