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Inner Demons?

Your Three Selves?

What do you do when a strong feeling or anxiety  strikes . . . and you don’t know your “hidden decisions”? You know that something’s going on with your body, your mind, or your feelings, but don’t know how to “fix” it??  Fear not.  Help is here.

For over 18 years, Brigitte and I have been doing Logical Soul® sessions with each other to clear our hidden decisions and influences that guide our lives.  While it is ideal to get access to – and resolve – these decisions during regular sessions, life is not always so accommodating.  It often comes at you with the speed of a runaway train.  In times like these, you need some “psychic first aid” . . . and quickly!

For example, my wife often comes home from work with some “baggage” she picked up from her office co-workers, friends or family.  This problem usually manifests itself as a sudden fear, anxiety, resentment or aloofness.  Within a few minutes, however, we are usually able to muscle test, isolate and release the “stuff,” and return her to normalcy. Our rule of thumb is this:  If we are not happy, it must be stuff.

Another example:  I awoke this morning around 4:30 AM . . . only to discover it was actually 3:30 AM due to the time change. I felt a bit strange, but not enough to awaken Brigitte.  So I decided to get up and check it out myself with some quick self-testing.

Heartburn?   Heart attack?  Nope.  Nope.  I exercise regularly, have a great nutritional regimen, and don’t drink or smoke.  Check .  OK, OK I admit it . . . I do eat much too late sometimes – including sweets – while grabbing the latest Fox news item or smarmy chick flick my wife just got from Netflicks. But not last night.  So what gives?

Memes? Check.

Low Self. Nope.

Earth-bound? Nada.

Ancestral? Negative.

Body. Check

Hmmm.  Two out of five.  Too much TV too late.  Unresolved stuff churning around inside.  I cleared myself and quickly felt much better.  So I lay back down, and closed my eyes to try a little more of that sleep thing.  No go.  Although I was clear and felt OK, I still couldn’t sleep.  I eventually got up and started writing this blog post.  I guess you needed to have this information . . . and I’ve been holding out on you too long.

I must finally admit a deep, dark truth:  there are forces within and without you that influence your thinking, feeling, and decisions. 

“Duh, Michael I know that! . . .” you say.  Yes, I admit this is all rather elementary.  But did you know how MUCH these forces affect you? Which parts of your being?  Did you know you can also release these influences at any time?  In or around the mid-90’s I discovered (with the help of my wife and some friends) that there are separate and distinct centers of intelligence that can be affected . . . and therefore affect our happiness and ability to succeed in life:

The  conscious mind is affected by MEMES, or “mind viruses” that we pick up from TV, radio, gossip, and even simple communication.  The effects usually manifest as a slight change in personality.  The Lono, “Middle Self” or conscious mind is involved, so memes are relatively easy to release  (unless they are tied in deeper, as to a survival decision).  Just be aware and let go of the decision to hold them.

The so-called subconscious mind is largely affected by the unseen forces of both individual and collective feelings, impressions and memories that impress themselves on our Ku or “Low Self.” These influences are usually hidden and require more of a self-awareness of your usual “normal” state of feeling and being.  Once known, however, these, too, can be released.

The subconscious influence is vast and multi-pronged.  So-called “attacks” can come in various forms, e.g., as follows:

Other people’s Low Selves – We often pick up “negative vibes,” i.e., strong, unresolved feelings that others may feel but do not express.  Their low self, however, feels less restricted and often “jumps ship,” as it were, into our own aura or subtle awareness.

Earth-bound – These are personality or low self impressions from the deceased that remain unresolved and hang around.

Ancestral – This influence can be from our own ancestors (most likely) or from other people’s ancestors as well.  Ancestral spirits are akin to earth-bound, but runs a bit deeper since we ARE the product of our ancestors!

The “Body Spirit” is usually a physical sensation in the head or the gut, but can present itself in any part of the body. This is often (I suspect) the result of your Ku kicking around unresolved “complexes” inside, and causing discomfort.   It could be the result of poor diet, too little water intake, and/or hyper-acidity brought about by worry, fear or resentment.  By releasing the concern, you are essentially telling your Low Self to “cool it” for awhile.

Less commonly, body upsets might be triggered by things like electro-magnetic or geo-magnetic disturbances, extra-low frequency (ELF) emissions, sun-spots, x-rays or cosmic radiation, and/or other outside disturbances.  If the problem persists, these factors – or poor health – may be the cause.

The only other disturbances can come from this thing we call “Karma.”  Karma is neutral – it means “action” – and is often visited upon us in ways we cannot fathom.  In such situations, prayer, as taught by the Huna, is the best way to resolve this.  The Aumakua or “High Self” is the one who “rains down benefits,” either good or bad.  These “benefits were at one time ordered by the Middle Self and then delivered by the Low Self.  The High Self is simply delivering!

Sometimes you’ve worked long and hard to rid yourself of individual fears and complexes.  You’ve done sessions, cleared your “stuff,” and still life hits you.  What to do?  In cases like this there are no decisions – hidden or otherwise – that you can change.  The only decision you can make is simply to request that it be released, then trusting in GRACE (or however you picture GOD) to do the rest . . .

This last step sounds simple, and it is.  The fact remains, however, that until you are aware of the distinctions that form the uniqueness of each “self,” you will have difficulty letting go of the sickness, violence, overwhelm or confusion that grips you if you don’t know the source.

By the way, I don’t know HOW this “psychic first aid” works . . . I just know that it does!  Learn how to use muscle testing until you feel comfortable telling the difference without it.  

Socrates said “Know thyself.” Make the above distinctions as a way to firmly grasp this knowledge.  

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The practice of the Logical SoulTM owes a great debt to Huna. When I first began to experiment with the body as a separate entity or being, instead of merely  as the subconscious, I began to get answers I never got before.  Some mysterious force was yearning to reveal its secrets to one who would actually listen.

In my previous blog, I discussed the role of the three selves in either helping – or sabotaging – our so-called “individual self.”  The so-called “low self” (or “Ku”) is in charge of these hidden decisions, and whether or not to support action on conscious decisions that affect them.

Suddenly it all began to make sense:  the body and memory all lie within the realm of the Ku. I therefore addressed the Ku as a separate and unique being, and allowed it to respond to me as such.  Over time I was then informed that the Ku is more than willing to accommodate ANY command by the conscious mind, so long as that command does NOT run counter to a previous command already in place.

This is because the low self will pray to the high self (“Uhane” or “Aumakua”) for only those things it has been directed “ with the greatest intent and force of emotion “ to pray for.  The conscious mind/middle self (“Kane”) only has a say-so when it is clear and does not contradict itself, now or from past instructions.  And remember, the Ku never forgets a command!

I liken this whole process to riding a whale. A whale (High Self) has its own consciousness; its own power, and obeys command instructions given by the riders – the middle and low selves.  Both you and your Ku are riding this whale, but only the Ku (low self) has the power to direct this whale, based on your conscious instructions.

whaleAnd the whale doesn’t care.  It will go anywhere it is directed.

If (and when) you gave the Ku (and subsequently the whale) specific and powerful directions very early in the journey, i.e., as a small child, this then became the whale’s prime directive. All subsequent directions would also be followed “ so long as the prime directive was not opposed.

In other words, we are like little beings riding on top of this whale. We tap it over here and tell it to go over here, then tap there to go in a different direction.  So long as there’s no conflict, that whale will gladly go in that direction.

If there is a conflict, i.e., if there is a strong prime directive to go in another direction, the Ku will direct this whale in that direction instead, regardless of our conscious wishes, hopes and fears.

That’s how and why goal-to-action conflicts arise. We are œriding this whale – in essence, a very large and powerful being that is determined to take us where we originally told it to go.  While only the middle self or conscious mind can make decisions, the Ku controls the direction AND is not listening! Based on its memory of the original prime directive, the Ku stays the course.

If we want or need to change that directive, we must have the right Access and Tools. We must develop the ability to communicate to the Ku and get access to earlier decisions or directives.  Only then will we be able to re-direct the whale.

The Logical SoulTM process is about getting access to that decision that both the Ku and Aumakua see as their prime directive.  Their outcome is set.  How do you know what this is?  Simple; it’s where you are right now!

In essence, where you ARE is based on the decisions that you’ve made; ancient decisions; hidden decisions that you have made that have led you to this point.  To be able to change those decisions, something very deep has to take place “ communication with that being the Kahunas call the Ku or Low Self.  Only he has access to that œwhale, our source of power.

We have to be able to say œLook, you know, we’re, like, heading over the precipice. Can we, like, change directions a little??  The whale will not do this just on a whim.  It will not do what you say just because you say so.  It will, however, listen to the Ku when this being becomes convinced there’s something at stake – something that relates to his original prime directive.

And that something is your œinner child or memory of the one whose decision set this whale on its original path, i.e.

The one who made the original decision

is the only one who can change the decision.

So if this inner being is listening to your child when she was three years old, then it will also listen to this same child change the decision . . . if he is approached properly.

That’s the secret of Logical SoulTM. The key element is that we always go to the one who made the decision, get access to that event, to that person; allow them to change the decision, and then the prime directive transforms itself into a new decision.

Self-Sabotage is really a family dispute. The “family” I’m speaking of, however, is so intimate with us as to be practically invisible.

I’m speaking of the “three Selves” that make up our so-called individuality . . . and how they may sometimes disagree.

For most of us, knowing about these selves is crucial.   This knowledge can  unlock the secret to getting congruent â“ both inside and out “ so that you can attract whatever you want into your life.  Without congruence, our failures and self-sabotage will persist and bear more fruit.

Ceylon Yaka Masks

Ceylon Yaka Masks

The Search for Kahuna Magic

Max Freedom Long discovered these selves during his search for the stories about how the Kahunas “ or original Hawaiian shamans “ performed their miracles.  In his study of the ancient Polynesian language, he came across words that told these stories about how the shamans could walk on burning hot lava, heal the sick, and control inner bodily functions.

Many of these so-called miracles have today become commonplace.  In the 1980™s, Tony Robbins became one of the first few westerners to teach fire walking and demonstrate other aspects of our subconscious power to large numbers of people.  Today, we have simply to turn on the Discovery Channel to catch the latest exploits of another miracle-worker or urban shaman.

The underlying principles of these miracles have not changed. To be congruent and powerful, you must have a laser-like focus and connection between the conscious and subconscious minds. These aspects – what we consider as mind in the west “ have a much deeper and richer story in much of Asia, and in the Hawaiian Huna, or secret.

Max Freedom Long was the re-discoverer of the Huna in the 1930™s and author of many books on the subject.  He based much of his research on the 1865 edition of “A Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language” by Lorrin Andrews, where the word “Huna” means:

To hide or conceal; to keep from the sight or knowledge of another. To conceal, as knowledge or wisdom.  That which is concealed (in conversation or writing this definition is expressed as ˜ka huna.™) [i]

The Ka-Hunas (Kahunas) kept this secret in order to preserve the knowledge of real power from being diluted or destroyed by western explorers and missionaries.  Long was able to re-construct much of this knowledge by studying the language of the ancient Polynesians, and deciphering the hidden meanings.

Long found, for example, words in the native language that described in detail the three selves and other phenomenon he described as the three kinds of vital force and even complexes as we know them in modern psychology.  According to Long, the Kahunas had a name for each of these three selves:

  • Low Self (Unihipili, Ku or Subconscious)
  • Middle Self (Uhane or Conscious Mind), and
  • High Self (Aumakua, Spirit or God)

The Low Self

This selfalso called Unihipili – was, according to Long, made of Polynesian root words for spirit grasshopper and leg and arm bones.   In digging further, he discovered that these terms were descriptive metaphors for certain powers exhibited by this self.

Among them, Long described the ability of the Low Self

  • to know itself as a separate and conscious spirit,
  • provide life force, or mana to all three selves, and
  • to become subject to hypnotic suggestions and commands from the middle self or conscious mind.

According to Long, the Low Self or Ku also ruled

  • the body (except for the voluntary muscles),
  • the emotions,
  • the memory,
  • all sensory impressions
  • all telepathic and psychic abilities.

In fact, so much of the body and the emotions and the memory was tied up in this being that the Kahunas considered it the guardian of Mana (or life force).  This Mana was shared with the Middle Self (conscious mind) which converted it into will or intent.

The Low Self also had the unique ability to contact the High Self through prayer. The middle self or conscious mind is unable to do this “ only make suggestions to the low self.  For example, if a prayer is contrary to a previously-establish command by the middle self (e.g., childhood hidden decision), then the prayer would not be sent or heard.

The Low Self is so powerful that I originally called it The One Who Makes Things Happen before I discovered Long™s books.  This self, inner child, Ku, or Unihipli, is the one we communicate with through muscle testing.

The Middle Self

This entity is what we normally considered as our self or ego.  According to the Kahuna, however, this same self is practically powerless without its servant, the Ku. The middle self was labeled by the Kahunas as Uhane, or the spirit which talks.

Besides the ability to form words and speak, the middle self also has the ability to rationalize, solve puzzles, think logically, and “ most importantly of all “ make decisions. This ability above all others makes the Uhane the captain of this ship we call our life, and guide to its destiny.

The limitations of the middle self, however, are many.  It cannot get input from its surroundings, remember anything, or feel anything without the help of the low self.  By itself it is a ghost, a wandering apparition, with no memory of its past or knowledge of its environment.

The middle self also lacks the ability to pray for what it wants. All it can do is make a request of the low self who then transmits this as a prayer to the High Self to rain down benefits.

The High Self

Aumakua means in Polynesian utterly trustworthy parental spirit. It is equivalent in meaning to the Judeo-Christian Father in Heaven and Great Spirit of the Native Americans.  To the Kahunas it is the ultimate creator of all things in Heaven and Earth.

The High Self manifests all things, seen and unseen, on earth and in the cosmos.  The middle self, however, has no direct contact with this Being.  It must go through the low self to accomplish this.  Only the low self can extend it™s aka cord or ectoplasmic thought substance to the High Self in the form of a prayer.

According to Long:

If the three selves are working normally and freely together, the low self “ at the request of the middle self “ can at any time call up the High Self by way of the aka cord and give it a message. [ii]

Long™s prayer therefore becomes a dance between the three selves, to the benefit of all.  Nothing happens unless all three are in harmony “ together!

How The Magic Was Lost

Freud and modern psychology have given us the knowledge of three divisions of consciousness, i.e., the conscious, subconscious and superconscious. While this knowledge was light years ahead of anything we knew before, it still treats the three selves as parts of one consciousness we call the individual “ or undivided being.

We have the Greeks and other western cultures to thank for this idea.  By elevating the individual as Hero, the Greeks, Romans and early church created an ignorance of human interconnectedness, and a kind of arrogance that said we could do things without any real inner guidance. This growing reliance on outward signs and prophesies forestalled our search for inner awareness and divine power.

In fact, before Freud we westerners could never conceptualize what the ancient Kahunas meant by three selves.   Kahuna references to selves sounded like mere idol worship to early Hawaiian Christian missionaries of the early 1800™s.

This was our loss.  The missionaries “ and western society itself – had much to gain from the Kahunas. Instead, they burned all their materials and sacred objects from that time.

Long pointed out:

The idea of one supreme God was the Hebrew contribution to the world™s thought on this subject.  But in doing this masterly bit of reasoning, the reasoners accomplished for many branches of religion the wiping out of every level or form of consciousness between the middle self and Ultimate God, leaving a vast emptiness . . .[iii]

Ancient Hawaiian history was lost. The only resources Max Freedom Long could find were a few natives who were able to re-construct some folk stories, and the Polynesian language itself.  But re-construct he did, and we owe Mr. Long a huge debt of gratitude.

NEXT: Soul Logic and the Three Selves

[i] King, Serge Kahili, Huna and Hawaiians. Online article excerpt & edited.

[ii] Max Freedom Long, The Secret Science At Work (DeVorss & Co. Publishers, 1953 ed.), p.  84.

[iii] Ibid., page 85

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People ask me all the time about the technique I discovered called the Logical Soul(tm), and how it works. 

The answer is always the same:  it is a simple and natural technique that allows you to access and change hidden decisions that affect your goals, your life, and your destiny.  It is also a way to “flip on” the internal passion that we are all born with, but lost soon after early childhood. 

But “self-improvement” its not.  I discovered that the Logical Soul(tm) is different from all other motivation and transformation techniques in that it does nothing to “improve” your “self” or your life.  I don’t even claim that anything SHOULD change!  When doing a session I simply assume you are where the sum total of all your decisions have placed you.  If you want to change, you must first become aware and transform your current hidden decisions that keep you where you are.

To do this you must become aware of the matrix of decisions that take priority and cover up your conscious goals and aspirations – trillions upon trillions of overlapping now-subconscious decision bundles and programs.   Most subconsious decisions can be traced back to ancestral decisions and by taking on someone else’s “stuff.” 

While this may sound simple, the implications are enormous.  Think of it this way: you are not only the sum of all the decisions you have made, but are the product of all the decisions your Ancestors have made!  Multiply this factor over seven or ten generations, and you can see why it becomes a stretch to think we have anything close to “free will.” 

We also have animal and reptilian influences!  The older parts of our brain, including the Limbic system, function purely to ensure our survival.   Even the so-called “higher” or newer portions of our brain – the cerebral cortex – have their differences.  The right hemisphere, for example, has its own unique VALUE SYSTEM that differs from the left hemisphere.  Its like having two (or more) people in there!    

The ancient Hawaiian Kahunas saw the so-called “individual” as 3 selves, corresponding loosely to Freud’s paragon, but separately funtioning in and of themselves.  Other cultures – particularly in the east – also see the so-called “individual” as a convenient invention of the mind and nothing more. 

The word, in fact, originated from the Greek term that described the self as undivided and a single whole.  This was – and is – a convenient tool if things need to be done.  Archimedes’ injuction “Give me a place to stand and I can move the world” is a perfect example of how the mind can provide that single ideological “place.” 

The hero is the ultimate individual.  Heroes can do anything, and we all strive to be one, whether we are conscious of it or not.  We live in the west, and this IS our culture!

The only drawback to Archimedes’ model, however, is that all heroes must have a “villain” or obstacle to overcome.   In the west, we have the news, and the news thrives on drama:  Good.  Evil.  Disaster.  Salvation.  Deliverance.  Corruption.  Change.  Ad infinitum . . .

 Transformation does not involve getting better, more dynamic, or by becoming a hero.  Quite the opposite, it involves relaxing into the true basis of the Self – that unbounded field of pure intelligence I call the Logical Soul(tm).