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The second important element of a Logical Soul complete Natural Detox Program is to engage in some fun exercise.

This is the point where my eyes usually glazed over – every Tom, Dick, Harry, doctor, nutritionist and high school dietitian will tell me the same thing, i.e., diet and exercise, exercise, and diet . . . and exercise.  Enough with the exercise sermon already! You’d think  it would make you healthy or something.

Well, the truth is, it does.  And it doesn’t.

On the one hand, exercise tones the muscles, moves the bowels and lymphatic system to flush out toxins, expands the lung capacity and works the heart to increase blood flow.  On the other hand, however, exercise can lead to a condition of hyper-acidity, put too much stress on the heart, and cause various injuries to joints, tissues and organs.

The bottom line is this: If you are over 40 and exercising to try to get healthy, you’re wasting your time.  Much better to get healthy FIRST, then enjoy the fruits of this good health by exercising.  That means stick to an alkaline diet, detox the body of heavy metals and parasites, and balance the endocrine systems.  THEN you will be healthy enough for exercise.

An equally important element required for good exercise results is FUN.  If you enjoy going to the gym and pushing iron, like my friend Don Sherrill, then that is fun to you and you should keep it up.  Personally I hate the gym;  I’d rather visit the dentist!  Consequently, my workouts have little value for me.

My fun and joy is riding a unicycle.  I try to do this every day, and often go “out with the boys” whenever I get the chance (see video below).  Do this yourself . . . #1, get healthy.  #2 Find some exercise or sport you love to do, then #3, go DO IT!

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I rode a unicycle in the 1960’s as a kid for about 5 years, and started back in April of this year.  I have NEVER actually ridden at the same time as another human being.

Until today, that is.

Robert Coggins invited me to the Atlanta Unicycle Club’s monthly ride around Stone Mountain, and I was eager to participate. Finally I would get to see what its like to be part of a group of one-wheelers instead of my usual group of one.

It was pretty special – other than the rain. It started pouring ten minutes into our ride and we decided to cut it short and head back. I slipped in a puddle, fell and bruised my knee, hip, and left leg, but that’s a small price to pay for experiencing this turning point in my life.

Thanks guys. I look forward to doing this again!  This helps me get to my goal of riding the Cherohala Skyway in April!

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Bruce Keenan

Bruce Keenan

I had a great meeting this morning at the Norcross IHOP with Bruce Keenan, founder and director of the Himalayan Children’s Charities.

Bruce just got back from Nepal where he set up a trekking company to raise  money for the orphan children of that isolated and depressed area. He and his  wife Susan are also holding a fundraiser in Atlanta on November 14th and hope to attract a good crowd.

Bruce told me his trekking company is the only one in that area truly set up for – and dedicated to – a specific charity.  I’m looking to attract a bevy of unicyclists to ride the Cherohala Skyway in April, 2010 to raise money.  If you ride a unicycle and want to participate, know any movers or shakers who would like to help . . . or just want to donate a few bucks to a great cause, contact me or Bruce at our respective websites or blogs.

Also appreciate any comments you might have!

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Terry Peterson, the "Unigeezer"

Terry Peterson, the "Unigeezer"

I thought I was crazy… I finally found someone “crazier” than me!

Join me on Tuesday, October 20th at 6 pm on Logical Soul Talk where I get to interview my new friend and mentor Terry Peterson. Terry calls himself as “the Unigeezer” since he’s a 53-year old Unicycle rider, but that doesn’t exactly describe what he actually does!  Like me, he has turned his golden years into a love for traveling around on one-wheelers.  Unlike me, however, he apparently has taken his love of the sport to extreme heights!

I’ll be asking Terry about the moment he made the decision to do REALLY extreme stuff – like ride his Uni off-road on the Hummingbird Trail in Simi Valley, California (see video below)!!  While I’m in training to ride the Cherohala Skyway across the TN-NC border sometime in the spring, I feel some relief knowing I’ll be on a paved road.

If I can talk Terry into coming East and riding with me, while I may not be the FIRST to traverse the Skyway, at least I would (probably) still be the OLDEST, since I beat Terry’s Geezer Factor by four years . . .

Check out this totally insane video . . . and yes, I’ll probably be asking Mr. Peterson about his “family jewel” protection!

Yes, believe it or not, I saw a young man on a unicycle on my vacation to Mexico.

Brigitte and I were part of a group taking the city bus tour of Puerta Vallarta, Mexico and went by the ritzier part of town called “Gringo Gulch.” After we passed the house that Elizabeth Taylor owned during her highly-publicized affair with Richard Burton in the 60’s while filming “Night of the Iguana” (she since sold it), I caught a glimpe of the Uni rider stumbling down the sidewalk. A few of the other “Touristas” made a comment as well, while I sat content that my favorite sport seems to be catching on all over the world.

Our resort is beautiful, and we don’t really have the desire to go out anywhere. Check out the balcony views and Mariachi band serenading us from below:

We’ll be back home on the 22nd (can’t wait actually)!
– Michael
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Hey Raymond! 

Stop fooling around and get your $%#@& Unicycle out of storage!  I started riding because of you, so hey!  What gives?


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Hi, my name is Michael and I’m a Recovering Unicyclist . . .

Old UnicycleWhile it sounds like some disease, its actually not.  I recently discovered that Unicycling is HOT these days – sort of like off-road biking became back in the 1980’s.  And the good news is I already knew how to ride . . . actually since I was a budding teenager in 1965!

But I had not been on one in over four decades.  Although I still had my old one, the seat was torn up and the wheel was flat – not exactly in mint riding condition (see pic on left).


So I set out to see if I could repair the old Lizzie.  Walking into the Marietta, UnicyclesGeorgia store of was like stepping into some ancient brain cells that I’d tucked away for 40 years and just dragged out.  I felt like I could finally come “out of the closet” and tell everyone the truth.  I was delighted to discover there were OTHER weird people out there just like me!

Long story short…

My father (actually Santa Claus) gave me a unicycle on Christmas Day of 1962.  I was a little tyke, not prone to ride such strange contraptions.  That changed when I turned 13 and decided to risk life and limb and either ride the darn thing or die trying.  After two weeks of scraped ankles and bruised legs and wrists, I finally rode . . . and soon got hooked.

What a thrill!  This was a skill that very few people had at the time (and still don’t) and I really reveled in being able to explore new places throughout my neighborhood in the city of Savannah, Georgia.  I even learned to climb steps and do a few other tricks and felt more at home on my “Uni” than I did on  bike. 

But along with special skills come special problems.  My Dad, you see, became head of the 1965 Arts Festival in Savannah, and I used to love riding around downtown . . . that is until one day he told me to “stop showing off.”  I guess he felt embarrassed by people’s comments and didn’t want to have to explain why his son acted like some circus clown.   

Whatever.  Deep down I was hurt, but did as he requested.  My enthusiasm became suddenly dampened and I rode very little after that. 

Fast forward to 2009.  After learning that my mentor, Raymond Aaron of was a unicyclist, I had a sudden urge to take it up again.  I never threw out my old unicycle, and always thought I’d give it to some kid someday – a day that never came since no kid I know wanted it.  So I set a goal to ride the 43-mile Cherohala Skyway between Tellico Plains, Tennessee and Robbinsville, North Carolina by the end of next Spring.  To do that, I needed a workable cycle and some practice! 

Josh TorransWhen I called the Unicycle shop, I talked to Josh Torrans and learned more about unicycles than I had known the entire 6 years of riding them.  After convincing me I would suffer mightily trying to cross the mountains on my little 24-inch rust bucket, he invited me to try some other models at his store.  

I went there today, and must say I had a great time!  I could actually ride the same size (24″) in a newer model, the 29-inch, and even the 36-inch “road warrior” used by tour riders.  I was again hooked.

OK, Josh, you got me.  Here’s my $300 bucks plus $30 for that weird riding helmet . . . (we didn’t need no steenking helmets in 1965!!)  Now all I need to do is practice. 

Oh, by the way, here is a picture New Unicycleof my NEW Uni – the one I will get to know intimately over the next year…

Anybody up for a little Unicycling ?

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming blogs.  I’ll probably even have a video camera with me during some trainings so you can laugh when I fall and break my 57-year-old toucous…

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