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Danette Moss, Strategist

If you are a life coach, business coach, entrepreneur or small business owner, you know there are a LOT of mistakes you can – and will – make.  So how would you like to have someone with a lot of experience in this area guide you through it?

Now you can – for free!  Tune in to Logical Soul Talk Tuesday, May 8th at 6 pm to ask small business coach Danette Moss to reveal her secrets on how to survive just about any early small business mistake.  You can listen to the show online, or call (347) 843-4544 to speak with Danette live and in person!

Danette Moss fell into the business coaching field naturally.  While working at night in the IT Field in 2001, Danette’s stress load became overwhelming.  She realized she was taking away valuable time from family and friends, so decided to embark on an entirely different line of work as a Concierge. She was already fulfilling requests to make reservations and run errands for folks when she  should have been “sleeping,” but then the thought came to create a business and start charge for it.  She did extensive research and succeeded in this endeavor, and started helping and training others to do the same.

She worked as a coach for Concierge clients until she realized her in-depth knowledge and experience could also help a lot of other small business entrepreneurs in different fields as well.  Danette has devoted herself to educating  those she calls “solopreneurs” or small business owners, and equipping them with the necessary skills and steps to succeed in the service industry.  Among her many tools, Danette provides WordPress training, automated business solutions, internet marketing training, business coaching , and social networking training and services.

If your business involves service of any kind, tun into the show!  Danette will discuss with host Michael Craig ways you can implement online business strategies and tools that will explode your potential for success!  Her motto?  “Work to live.  Don’t live to work.”

Ms. Moss is a busy entrepreneur, but takes time to host her own Blog Talk Radio program called “Let’s Talk Strategies.”  Don’t miss this important May 8th show!

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