The Final Show: Logical Soul Talk


logical soul talkAfter five great years of being a part of the Blog Talk Radio Universe, its time to call it quits! 🙁

It’s true. I will no longer be doing my regular weekly radio spot Logical Soul Talk on Tuesdays . . . but WILL (from time to time) schedule Special Interviews and Features throughout the year that will focus on people and coaches who make a difference, powerful methods for transformation, and wealth-building products that come to my attention.

SO HERE’S THE DEAL . . . Rather than go out with a whimper, I’ve decided a BANG is more appropriate. I’ve therefore scheduled a one-hour Logical Soul Talk April Fool Special on April 1, 2014 that will feature guests from many of the last few years calling in, as well as everyone singing Happy Birthday to my sister Page.

So be sure to either listen to the show online, or call in live between 6-7 pm ET to (347) 843-4544 and say Hi! This is your chance to be a part of the Logical Soul Talk archives and to wish me and my guests and friends a successful Bon Voyage!

Previous Logical Soul Talk guests have included dynamic authors, coaches, speakers, therapists, business leaders, marketers, and other movers and shakers.  A few, notably Stuart Wilde – one of the world’s greatest metaphysicians – and millionaire coach and author Jim Straw.  They will be missed, but their words – as well as the words of many other great ones – are part of the Logical Soul Talk audio library that is now archived in The Monthly Mentor Series

Other guests have included authors and educators Joe Vitale, Michael Gelb, Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Brenda Wade, and Jason Oman.  Powerful marketing experts share their wisdom as well:  J.P. Maroney, Matt Bacak, Devon Brown, Diane Conklin, David Wright, Gina Gaudio Graves, Kelly Coke, Bob Regnerus, Ronda del Boccio, Roger Salam, Scott Schilling, C.F. Jackson, Tommie Powers, Don Meyers, and many more coaches, trainers, and professionals over the course of these past five years!

I’ve invited several of my previous guests to call in and say hi.  This is your chance as well to rub shoulders with them and add to the conversation!  Just call (347) 843-4544 between 6-7 pm ET!!

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