The Hidden Wisdom of the Body

Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing or Applied Kineseology

There is a vast reservoir of intelligence, power and soul deep within each of us.  This power and this soul are very logical.  Our right brains actually have both the ability AND motivation to make things happen at will.

Contrary to popular belief, emotions and logic are not opposed to one another.  They’re not mutually exclusive.  But they must come to the same conclusions in order to work well together . . . to agree to the same life decisions.

I€’ve found in my years of work as a chiropractor, patients were not getting better.  I used to agonize over this failure: Why aren’t they getting well?  I’m doing all the right things.  My technique is flawless.  They’re eating all the right things!”  Everything on the surface seemed to be falling into place, but on some deep level the desired results were being blocked.

So what was I missing?

At the time I was practicing something called applied kinesiology (AK). For those of you not aware of this process is simply called muscle testing, a simple built-in biofeedback mechanism that anyone can learn to use.

Try muscle testing with a partner, spouse or friend.  Test any convenient muscle – say an arm muscle – by holding up their arm while using a few fingers to press on the arm after saying Hold.  If their arm tests strong (i.e., does not give under the pressure), that indicates a yes” by the body.  If the arm tests slightly weaker or rubbery (i.e., goes down), this may indicate a negative finding.

By testing this way, I was able to get feedback from the body that either this is a yes or a no (or not yes).

Many doctors and therapists use this technique to get feedback from the mind/body to determine hidden incompatibility disorders, i.e.

(a) a certain substance or vitamin is good for the body or

(b) this substance or vitamin is not good for the body.

I started using muscle testing for a different reason.  I wanted to test for overall congruence of personal statements and affirmations.

After testing this way for several years, I became aware that the yes” and no” answers from the body begin to follow a predictable pattern.  There was a kind of Morse code being transmitted here.  It was as if our subconscious mind “ mine and the patient’s “ were instantly revealing a sub-stratum of thoughts and decisions we had never known before.

Excited, I started testing more and more on people.  I also avoided attending other seminars and workshops while doing this research.  I wanted to find out what the body, subconscious, or right brain was saying to me directly . . . NOT what someone else told me they were saying.

I learned that the body gathers up the sum total of all inner decisions and generates an outcome, either yes or no.  I also learned that the answers to these statements told of the immediate outer condition of the person as it pertained to the particular statement.

If, for example, you had problems with money, statements like I choose to be a millionaire” would test false (weak).  If you actually had the capacity within yourself to become a millionaire, however, that statement would be true (strong).

More trials and errors led me to find the secret to discovering the access to any inner (hidden) decision AND change them to be in alignment with current stated goals and affirmations.

Author’s Note: I use A.K. for a particular limited purpose of affirmation feedback, and neither condone nor condemn its use for other purposes.  Obviously, any technique so open to interpretation should be considered experimental and not relied on solely as a regimen to diagnose and treat serious diseases or disorders. Consult with your physician or primary health practitioner before undertaking any such regimen.


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