The Logical Soul Forgiveness Process


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Foregiveness? Fuggetaboutit!

ARE YOU TIRED of holding onto resentment, anger, and hate . . . but don’t know how to let it go?  There is a way to ELIMINATE RESENTMENT once and for all!  I call it the “Forgiveness Process” and was recently asked to review this process I featured in a May, 2009 segment of my radio show, Logical Soul Talk. (Click here to hear it).

I discovered the Forgiveness Process the same way I discovered the Logical Soul process . . . by accident. It actually happened way back in 1962 when I was in the Fifth grade!

I remember suffering the pain and humiliation of Bullies – one in particular – who tortured me to the point of breaking.  Since I had been “born again” as a result of my Baptist grandmother (who I loved), I made a conscious effort every day to “forgive my enemies” and “turn the other cheek.”

It seldom worked.  I had anger seeping out all over . . . and the Bullies obviously picked up on this.

One night, I lay awake in bed awake – so angry at the bully I couldn’t sleep.   I remember praying for help.  What happened next changed my life, although I didn’t know it at the time.  I discovered a way to overcome all resentment within minutes . . . and the bullies stopped their attacks!!

When I later forgot what happened, the bullying started again until I eventually stood up for myself. A few years ago, however, I remember what happened that stressful night in my bed and started using it with others.  The results were equally as powerful.

If you are ready to release this major stress from your life – resentment -  then check out my online Podcast from May 2009 to hear what happened to me as a kid.  I’ll also be covering this topic in great depth in my training course, Branding from the Soul.

Meanwhile, listen and learn from that fifth grader’s guardian angel.  I did!

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