The Logical Soul: How It Developed


logical soul bookAs you may know by now I am a former chiropractor/acupuncturist, meditation instructor, and author of The Logical Soul (available through  Amazon). I wanted to start sharing my story in some future posts, since many have asked me how I got started.  So today I’ll give you an overview.

I taught meditation (TM) back in the 70’s and became a chiropractor in 1983.  As a doctor, I came in touch with – and learned – most of the techniques developed for my profession, and was considered by most others to be a good and capable doctor.

Despite my care and diligence, however, I noticed over the years that results from adjustments and other techniques were hard to come by.  Through no apparent fault of my own, results were often mixed, marginal, or frustrating.  While I was able to affect positive changes in more than half of those I saw, I was hard-pressed to determine (if I were completely honest) that these changes would not have happened on their own without my intervention!

The ones who didn’t respond to treatment caused me the most concern.  These patients would often return with the same ailments or problems, despite my treatments, and often despite their having been to dozens of other practitioners, therapists and psychologists.

After years of trial and error, I was able to narrow the deeper cause of disease to memories and patterns in the mind and nervous system.  There seemed to be an underlying self-sabotage going on that patients didn’t know about, and that frustrated all my attempts to override.

To find the remedy I dove into more psychology-based studies like hypnosis, visualization, meditation, affirmations, and other behavior modification techniques, looking for answers to help my patients get better faster.  Yet even after treating these underlying “causes” the problems still came back.

Years later I finally had to admit that the main reason things like hypnosis and visualization seldom worked is because there was a lack of coordination and cooperation between these things we call the “conscious” and “subconscious” minds.  In fact, they often seemed to be at war with one another.

Further research led me to conclude that the so-called “subconscious mind” was actually a living being with its own awareness, logic and motives. It was, therefore, separate and distinct from our conscious “being,” the one we normally think of as “I” or “me” . . . the one who thinks and makes conscious decisions.  As so-called “individuals” we seem to actually be TWO people inhabiting a single body – a type of psychic Siamese twin without each of them knowing the other existed, except as some vague abstraction!

You see, we in the western world have a habit of looking on our subconscious mind as a “thing” to be overruled or circumvented.  I found, however, that the results seldom follow when techniques based on this approach such as hypnosis, affirmations, and other direct programming methods, are used.

Then back in 1991 I accidentally discovered the key to accessing the subconscious being without hypnosis or other tricks we normally use to bypass our conscious defenses.  I also discovered this inner being has its own intelligence – and knows ALL our tricks!  It was very much alive.

Upon digging deeper, I found that Hawaiian Huna cosmology matched my discoveries to a “T,” and that behavior modification can only happen with this cooperation and synthesis between these inner and outer beings.  There has to be a good enough reason – both inside AND outside – for our lives to really change!

We don’t need to program our subconscious mind . . . we only needed to get his or her permission! I called the method of finding deepest motivations and changing the decisions related to the The Logical Soul®.

Most people don’t have access to the deeply-rooted hidden decisions that run their lives. These “matrix decisions” were laid down at the same time our bodies and nervous systems were forming.  Using Applied Kinesiology (AK) and various modes discovery and access, I have been able to find and change hidden matrix decisions with remarkable results.

Get the book and change your life today!


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