These Rich Kids Can Teach Us Something


Remember Richie Rich? He was one of Nancy and Sluggo’s cartoon friends who had it all – money, smarts, and a limo driver to school. Well, Darren Jacklin has uncovered some kids like Richie, and it turns out that – unlike Richie – they didn’t INHERIT their wealth.  They actually EARNED IT!!


That is the subject of Tuesday’s interview with Mr. Jacklin at 6 pm ET on Logical Soul Talk. Darren with share his findings, and suggest some simple ways that both you AND your kids can start earning the type of money you’ve always dreamed about.

It seems that Darren’s kids have talents ranging from earning money in real-estate, inventing and selling their own products,  and even buying a major franchise sports team before the age of 18!!  The secret is that these kids have NO barriers when it comes to thinking about money, earning money, accepting money or taking action to attract it in a BIG way.

Tune it (or call in to 347-843-4544) Tuesday to get some of the secret Mojo that Darren will share.  I might even get him to disclose some of the juice he’ll be sharing with participants in our upcoming “Branding from the Soul” course!

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