Tim Brownson: Adventures in Life Coaching

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Tim Brownson: Life Coach

Tim Brownson is on a daring adventure.  That’s what he calls his Life Coaching practice… and the fact that life is a journey that he can help make “a little easier.”

Tune in to Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 6 pm to hear how Tim continues to thrive in the “high touch” profession of Life Coaching, and how you, too, can take the next step in your own journey to coaching success – if you’re a coach – or in your own business.

Prior to becoming a full-time professional Life Coach in 2005, Tim spent 20 years in sales and sales management, a job he says “sucked.”  He goes on to describe his dilemma. . .

“Despite being good at it and seemingly ‘successful,’ I felt totally stressed out, unfulfilled and plain stuck in life. To handle my disillusionment I bought lots of nice things, took exotic vacations and drank lots of beer and wine! ather unsurprisingly that didn’t alter a thing.

“So in 2004, fearing for my health, I signed on for a Stress Management Diploma at Sheffield University thinking that may do the trick.  It was somewhat useful, but it just increased my intense desire to change my circumstances rather than just tinkering at the edges trying to make do.”

Tim discovered Life Coaching as a way to help him meet life’s challenges more effectively.  He went to study with one of Europe’s leading Life Coaches, Curly Martin from Achievement Specialists in England, then became certified as a professional himself.  He has since never looked back.

Tune in to hear more of Tim’s story on February 26th!


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