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Tommie Powers

Tommie Powers

Tommie Powers is a full time Internet marketer living in Douglasville, Georgia.  He has been doing this over the past 2 years and has been successful enough to easily support a family of five.   Tommie will share some of his secrets to both life and happiness with Michael Craig on Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, Feb. 2nd at 6pm. Click the link to listen online, or call (347) 843-4544 to hear the show and/or ask Tommie a question.

Mr. Powers was born the son of a Vietnam veteran, and early learned about anger, and other emotional ups and downs.  He is therefore committed to showering as much love and affection on his wife and three children as possible, and has reported success in doing that.

During the show, Mr. Powers will cover some of his major life decisions, and will share some of the little-known secrets he has found that can turn anyone into a home-based business success.  Tommie calls himself the “WordPress fanatic” and will reveal how the “average everday guy” can create websites and start getting heavy online traffic in just a matter of hours.

Spread the word about this show. If you have any interest at all in creating an online business that works, Tommie is the guy to hear!

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