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Dominique Sire

What would it be like to KNOW that you have a loving relationship?  How awesome would it be to have that “knowing” firmly established in your heart BEFORE you actually experience it in “real” life??  Pretty awesome!

Dominique Sire – a French native and long-time relationship transformation coach – will share her “Principles of the Soul” – with Michael’s Valentines Day listeners on Logical Soul Talk on Tuesday, February 14th at 6 pm. You can listen to the show online, or call the show hotline at (347) 843-4544 to listen over the phone or join the conversation.

If you’ve had any relationship difficulties at all, and are familiar with the principles of “the power of positive thinking” and the “laws of attraction,” you know that these principles can only take you so far when it comes  to really getting what you want.   Dominique will teach you how to connect with your very soul and balance your male-female energies.  By doing this, you set up the ideal condition to attract your real “soul mate”by becoming more of who you really are.

For the past 20 years Dominique has been conducting workshops for groups of up to 400 people throughout America, Europe and Australia. She gathers people from all backgrounds – business men and women, professionals, housewives, doctors, artists, scientists, and teachers.  She creates a distinctive and safe environment to allow you to expand in your full creative and loving potential.

In her workshops, Ms. Sire uses the language of the body to identify and transform the unconscious blocks and limitations that run our lives. She goes to the heart of the emotions that adversely affect each person’s ability to feel fully alive and transforms them. Her commitment is to help people uncover the core of their loving capacity and authenticity.

She teaches that once a person walks through his or her fear of the unknown, they begin to “live their lives as if heaven were no longer above their heads, but under their feet!  This ultimately leads them to discover their inherent greatness of simply being human.”

Make plans now to tune into Logical Soul Talk on Tuesday to hear Michael and Dominique during this special Valentine’s Day presentation!


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